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Staffing Organizations

Staffing Organizations - 5th edition

Staffing Organizations - 5th edition

ISBN13: 9780072987225

ISBN10: 0072987227

Staffing Organizations by Herbert G. Heneman and Timothy A. Judge - ISBN 9780072987225
Edition: 5TH 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: Richard D. Irwin, Inc.
International: No
Staffing Organizations by Herbert G. Heneman and Timothy A. Judge - ISBN 9780072987225

ISBN13: 9780072987225

ISBN10: 0072987227

Edition: 5TH 06
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New Features

  • In chapter one there is a new section on Ethical Issues. It identifies the many different ethical obligations that employers have in staffing their organization. At the end of each chapter, after the discussion questions, two ethical issues are presented that are relevant to the chapter material. These may be used for classroom discussion or write-ups.
  • A running case throughout the book involves a fictitious retailing organization (Tanglewood) that has stores at over 200 locations throughout the western U.S. The organization is on a high growth trajectory, but has decentralized HR and staffing systems. A rich description of the organization and its staffing practices is provided. The organization is seeking to improve its staffing practices in several facets, and the student participates in in-depth exercises that represent improvement attempts. Exercises are given in staffing strategy, planning, external recruitment, external selection, decision-making, and retention. Some of the exercises involve statistical analysis using spreadsheets, and complete guidance is given to the student on how to do these analyses. Each exercise poses a number of questions to the student that must be answered.
  • Hot topics new to this edition include: outsourcing, succession planning, employee value propostition, open and targeted recruitment, recruitment communication (employment brand; organizational websites), socialization and mentoring of newcomers, staffing software, and turnover data.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part One; The Nature of Staffing

Chapter 1 Staffing Models and Strategy

Part Two; Support Activities

Chapter 2 Legal Compliance
Chapter 3 Planning
Chapter 4 Job Analysis and Rewards

Part Three; Staffing Activities: Recruitment

Chapter 5 External Recruitment
Chapter 6 Internal Recruitment

Part Four; Staffing Activities: Selection

Chapter 7 Measurement
Chapter 8 External Selection I
Chapter 9 External Selection II
Chapter 10 Internal Selection

Part Five; Staffing Activities: Employment

Chapter 11 Decision Making
Chapter 12 Final Match

Part Six; Staffing System and Retention Management

Chapter 13 Staffing System Management
Chapter 14 Retention Management