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Stages of Human Evolution

Stages of Human Evolution - 5th edition

Stages of Human Evolution - 5th edition

ISBN13: 9780131254855

ISBN10: 0131254855

Stages of Human Evolution by C. Loring Brace - ISBN 9780131254855
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 5TH 95
Copyright: 1995
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
International: No
Stages of Human Evolution by C. Loring Brace - ISBN 9780131254855

ISBN13: 9780131254855

ISBN10: 0131254855

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 5TH 95
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Clearly written--and now extensively cross-referenced to the primary literature--this text integrates evolutionary theory with the interpretation of fossil evidence to illustrate how ideas on the nature of human evolution have grown as new evidence for human ancestry has been brought to light.

Now updates content while adding notes and citations.

an updated narrative (following the same organization as before) that is appropriate and accessible to undergraduate study.
extensive (optional) notes that amplify the text discussion, with references to the primary documentation in the professional literature.

Focuses on the major trends that have characterized the course of human evolution and the circumstances that contributed to the changes that took place.

Deals with significant representative fossils for each stage without going into great detail.

represents the most important fossils graphically and briefly describes the points that they illustrate.

Concentrates on the actual mechanisms that have produced human form, and discusses them in the light of the particular morphological changes that they have engendered.

Provides simplified ancestral trees for both prehumans and humans.

Provides exhaustive bibliography.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Interpreting Human Evolution.

2. Fact and Fancy Before 1860.

3. The Picture Up to 1906.

4. Hominid Catastrophism.

5. Between World Wars.

6. Recent Discoveries.

7. Evolutionary Principles.

8. Prehominids.

9. Culture as an Ecological Niche.

10. The Australopithecine Stage.

11. The Pithecanthropine Stage.

12. The Pithecanthropine to Neanderthal Transition.

13. The Neanderthal Stage.

14. The Modern Stage.

Sources Cited.