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Statistical Mechanics

Statistical Mechanics - 76 edition

Statistical Mechanics - 76 edition

ISBN13: 9780060443665

ISBN10: 0060443669

Statistical Mechanics by Donald Allan McQuarrie - ISBN 9780060443665
Edition: 76
Copyright: 1976
Publisher: Harpercollins College Division
International: No
Statistical Mechanics by Donald Allan McQuarrie - ISBN 9780060443665

ISBN13: 9780060443665

ISBN10: 0060443669

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This introduction to statistical mechanics offers comprehensive coverage of equilibrium and nonequilibrium topics. Including discussion of liquid theory; including perturbation theory, and two lengthy chapters on time-correlation functions. Explanations of necessary mathematics in appendices, applications and frequent comparisons to experimental data, 30 to 40 chapter problems, complete chapter bibliographies, and a computer program for the radial distribution function of hard-sphere fluids that assists in making reliable calculations are included.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1 Introduction and Review

2 The Canonical Ensemble

3 Other Ensembles and Fluctuations

4 Bolzmann Statistics, Fermi-Dirac Statistics, and Bose-Einstein Statistics

5 Ideal Monatomic Gas

6 Ideal Diatomic Gas

7 Classical Statistical Mechanics

8 Ideal Polyatomic Gas

9 Chemical Equilibrium

10 Quantum Statistics

11 Crystals

12 Imperfect Gases

13 Distribution Functions in Classical Monatomic Liquids

14 Perturbation Theories of Liquids

15 Solutions of Strong Electrolytes

16 Kinetic Theory of Gases and Molecular Collisions

17 Continuum Mechanics

18 Kinetic Theory of Gases and the Bolzmann Equation

19 Transport Processes in Dilute Gases

20 Theory of Brownian Motion

21 The Time-Correlation Function Formalism, I

22 The Time-Correlation Function Formalism, II