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Strategic Human Resource Management (Text Only)

Strategic Human Resource Management (Text Only) - 2nd edition

Strategic Human Resource Management (Text Only) - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780030128875

ISBN10: 0030128870

Strategic Human Resource Management (Text Only) by William P. Anthony - ISBN 9780030128875
Edition: 2ND 96
Copyright: 1996
Publisher: Dryden Press
International: No
Strategic Human Resource Management (Text Only) by William P. Anthony - ISBN 9780030128875

ISBN13: 9780030128875

ISBN10: 0030128870

Edition: 2ND 96

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This text takes a strategic approach to human resources and integrates it with other functional areas such as marketing, finance, operations, and accounting, reflecting the issues challenging companies in today's marketplace. Its macro approach links human resource strategies to corporate strategies. Writing from a "what can human resources do for you" perspective, the authors demonstrate how human resources fits into the organizational big picture. This text is appropriate for undergraduate and graduate courses in personnel and human resource management.

Key Features

  • The text focuses on downsizing, restructuring, international expansion, re-engineering, TQM, and a number of other strategic issues of the 1990s. A unique international chapter appears early in the text and international examples are integrated throughout.
  • Chapters 1 and 2 capture the essence of the strategic approach.
  • Three unique chapters cover the topics of quality, diversity, and ethics.
  • The text employs practical, real-world examples and covers issues currently faced by managers and human resources managers, drawing from the authors' extensive corporate experience.
  • A large number of original cases provide excellent support to the text. Longer, more in-depth cases appear at the end of the text.

New Features

  • All examples and data have been thoroughly updated, while additional coverage has been added to international issues and other increasingly important topics.
  • The first four chapters have been condensed into three, bringing students quickly to the heart of human resource management.
  • New or revised cases are featured at the end of each chapter and at the end of the book.
  • The chapter on benefits now details health-care reform issues.
  • A more global - rather than nuts and bolts - perspective makes the text more interesting for non-majors.
  • The two labor chapters have been combined into one.
  • Chapter concepts have been rearranged in most chapters to reflect HRM industry practices.

Author Bio

Anthony, William P. : Florida State University

Perrewe, Pamela L. : Florida State University

Kacmar, Michele K. : Florida State University

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part I. The Strategic Approach

1. The Strategic Approach to Human Resource Management

An Overview of Human Resource Management
Environment-Organization Link and the Strategic Approach
Integrating Human Resource Strategy with Corporate and Functional Strategies
Strategy Formulation, Decision Making, and Problem Solving
Integrating Human Resources in Strategic Decision

2. The External and Global Environment for Human Resources : Change and Diversity

Components of the External Environment
Global Business Environment
Knowing the Environment
3. Formulating a Corporate and Human Resource Strategy
The Strategy Formulation Process
Types of Strategies
Role of the Market and Competition in Strategy Formulation
Role of Human Resources in Strategy Formulation
Contingency or Situational Approach to Strategy

Part II. Strategies for Human Resource Acquisition and Placement

4. Equal Employment Opportunity and Managing Diversity

Employment Discrimination
Types of Discrimination
Affirmative Action
Legal Issues in Compensation
Current Strategic Issues in Equal Employment Opportunity

5. Job Analysis

The Components of a Job
Job Analysis Data Collection Methods
Methods of Job Analysis
Organization Strategy, Human Resource Activities, and Job Analysis Methods

6. Strategic Human Resource Planning and Information Systems

The Nature of Human Resource Planning
Model for Human Resource Planning
Human Resource Costing
Human Resource Information Systems

7. Strategies for Recruitment, Selection and Placement

Recruiting Methods
The Selection Process
Strategies for Effective Recruiting and Selection
Strategic Staffing to Support Strategy Implementation

Part III. Strategies for Maximizing Human Resource Productivity

8. Job Design

Environmental, Organizational, and Behavioral Factors
Job Redesign Approaches
Individual and Group Design Options
The Job Characteristics Model
The Sociotechnical Model and Characteristics of Autonomous-Work Groups
Organizational Strategy and Its Relationship with Job Design
Strategic Framework for Implementation

9. Strategic Socialization, Training, and Development

Conformity Versus Creativity and Innovation
Developing People Versus Hiring Developed People
Improving Versus Replacing Poor Performance
Socialization and Culture
Training, Development, and Performance Improvement
Evaluation Stage of Training and Development

10. Strategies for Effective Performance-Appraisal Systems

Performance Appraisal Objectives
Performance Appraisal Process
Types of Performance Appraisal Methods
Perceptual Errors in Evaluation
Strategy and the Performance Appraisal Process

11. Strategic Compensation Systems

External Environmental Variables
Internal Environmental Variables
Strategic Compensation Options
A Strategic Approach to Compensation
Pay For Performance
Pay Secrecy Versus Openness
Motivation Theory

12. Improving Productivity

How to Increase Productivity through Individuals and Leadership
Total Quality Management

Part IV. Strategies for Maintaining Human Resources

13. Benefit Plans

Who Pays For The Benefits?
How Comprehensive a List of Benefits Shall Be Offered?
The Question of Competitiveness
Composition of Benefit Plans
Future Benefit Changes
Strategic Management of Benefits
Corporate Effort to Measure Benefit Effectiveness

14. Managing Health, Safety, and Stress

Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Current Safety and Health Problems for Employees
Workplace Stress
Strategies for Improving Health and Safety

15 Ethics, Employee Rights, and Employer Responsibilities

Strategic Factors
The Law and Employee Rights
Types of Rights
Employer Responsibilities
Managing the Problem Employee
Building a Good Disciplinary Climate

16. Unions and Strategic Collective Bargaining

The Historical Development of Unions
Unions Today
The Role of Labor Unions in Society Today
Strategic Choices Made by Unions
Strategic Variables
Union Removal/Decertification Versus Union Busting
Union Avoidance
Making a Union Unnecessary
Violence and Sabotage as a Result of Negotiation Breakdowns
The Collective Bargaining Process

Part V. Strategic Separation

17. Strategic Restructuring

Restructuring Options
Strategic Variables
The Impact of Restructuring on Human Resources
Does Downsizing Work?

Part VI. End-of-Book Cases

Case 1 Federal Express Corporation
Case 2 Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Case 3 McDonald's Corporation
Case 4 The Walt Disney Company
Case 5 Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

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Human Resource Management : Strategies Approach by William P. Anthony, Pamela L. Perrewe and Michele K. Kacmar - ISBN 9780030223778