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Strength Training Past 50

Strength Training Past 50 - 97 edition

Strength Training Past 50 - 97 edition

ISBN13: 9780880117166

ISBN10: 0880117168

Strength Training Past 50 by Wayne Westcott and Thomas R. Baechle - ISBN 9780880117166
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 97
Copyright: 1997
Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers
International: No
Strength Training Past 50 by Wayne Westcott and Thomas R. Baechle - ISBN 9780880117166

ISBN13: 9780880117166

ISBN10: 0880117168

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 97

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Muscles lose size and strength with age, resulting in physical weakness and a variety of degenerative problems. But muscle loss may be largely avoided with regular strength training, and a large amount of muscle tissue already lost can be replaced, regardless of your age. Strength Training Past 50 presents research-based guidelines to help anyone over 50 develop and perform a sound, safe strength training program.

Wayne Westcott, PhD, and Tom Baechle, EdD, two of the world's most recognized strength and conditioning experts, have developed this comprehensive, practical guide for the over-50 fitness market, one of the fastest-growing segments of the industry.

Wayne Westcott is one of the fitness industry's most visible and respected experts, whose articles have appeared in Shape, Fitness, Prevention, Men's Health, and other popular publications and whose research has contributed much of the mounting evidence showing the great benefits of strength training for people past 50. Tom Baechle is the author of Weight Training: Steps to Success, which has sold more than 100,000 copies, as well as several other books. He is also editor of Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning, the definitive text in its field.

Strength Training Past 50 uses data collected and analyzed in a five-year study that examined the effects of regular strength training on previously sedentary adults. Results showed that regardless of gender, age, or physical condition, the 1,132 men and women who participated in the strength exercise program made significant improvements in terms of added muscle, lost fat, and reduced resting blood pressure. In fact, in this group, in which the age range was 21 to 80, participants over 60 responded just as well to strength exercise as everyone else.

Research clearly shows that you're never too old to get great benefits from strength training. Strength Training Past 50 explains and shows the most effective way for mature adults to work their muscles by presenting :

  • specific strength tests,
  • 9 safety essentials,
  • 39 age-appropriate exercises,
  • a 10-week workout plan, and
  • personalized programs for increasing muscle size, strength, or endurance.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Going Strong After 50

Chapter 2. Testing Muscle Strength

Chapter 3. Strengthening Safely at 50+

Chapter 4. Selecting the Right Equipment

Chapter 5. Using Correct Technique

Chapter 6. Building an Effective Training Program

Chapter 7. Working Out

Chapter 8. Building Strength, Size, and Stamina

Chapter 9. Eating for Strength

Chapter 10. Training Without Weights

Appendix A: Training Logs 1-10
Appendix B: Training Logs 11-16

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Strength Training Past 50 by Wayne L. Westcott and Thomas R. Baechle - ISBN 9780736067713