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Stresses in Plates and Shells (International Edition)

Stresses in Plates and Shells (International Edition) - 2nd edition

Stresses in Plates and Shells (International Edition) - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780071167932

ISBN10: 0071167935

Stresses in Plates and Shells (International Edition) by Ansel C Ugural - ISBN 9780071167932
Edition: 2ND 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: W.C.Brown Pub.Co.
International: Yes
Stresses in Plates and Shells (International Edition) by Ansel C Ugural - ISBN 9780071167932

ISBN13: 9780071167932

ISBN10: 0071167935

Edition: 2ND 99

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Due to its easy writing style, this is the most accessible book on the market. It provides comprehensive coverage of both plates and shells and a unique blend of modern analytical and computer-oriented numerical methods in presenting stress analysis in a realistic setting. Distinguished by its broad range of exceptional visual interpretations of the solutions, applications, and means by which loads are carried in beams, plates and shells. Combining the modern-numerical, mechanics of materials, and theory of elasticity methods of analysis, it provides an in-depth and complete coverage of the subject, not explored by other texts. Its flexible organization allows instructors to more easily pick and choose topics they want to cover, depending on their course needs. Students are exposed to both the theory and the latest applications to various structural elements. Two new chapters on the fundamentals provide a stronger foundation for understanding the material. An increased emphasis on computer tools, and updated problems, examples, and references, expose students to the latest information in the field.

Key Features

  • Provides two new chapters on fundamental principles.
  • An increased emphasis on the use of the computer and computer-oriented methods provides a greater understanding of sophisticated software programs.
  • Now includes design type problems in each chapter.
  • Increased use of illustrative examples and problems, many of which are developed from actual engineering cases.
  • Exact and improved theories of plates, membrane, approximate, and simplified theories of shells.
  • Presents both modern analytical and computer-oriented numerical methods.
  • Consistent sign convention and notation.
  • Emphasizes the energy aspects of plate and shell bending and buckling.
  • Provides a visual interpretation of the basic equations and of the means by which loads are resisted.
  • Provides comprehensive coverage of plate and shell theories as well as their applications to domes, pressure vessels, tanks, and pipes.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1 Basic Concepts

2 Stress Analysis of Simple Members

3 Elements of Plate Bending Theory

4 Circular Plates

5 Rectangular Plates

6 Plates of Various Geometrical Forms

7 Numerical Methods

8 Anisotropic Plates

9 Plates Under Combined Lateral and In-Plane Loads

10 Large Deflections of Plates

11 Thermal Stresses in Plates

12 Membrane Stresses in Shells

13 Bending Stresses in Shells

14 Applications to Pipes, Tanks, and Pressure Vessels

15 Cylindrical Shells Under General Loads