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Subjects / Strategies : A Writer's Reader

Subjects / Strategies : A Writer's Reader - 8th edition

Subjects / Strategies : A Writer's Reader - 8th edition

ISBN13: 9780312182670

ISBN10: 0312182678

Subjects / Strategies : A Writer
Edition: 8TH 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: St. Martins Press, Inc.
International: No
Subjects / Strategies : A Writer

ISBN13: 9780312182670

ISBN10: 0312182678

Edition: 8TH 99

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68 timely and teachable essays by professional and student writers help students master the rhetorical strategies for effective college writing.

A comprehensive introduction to the book provides detailed instruction on reading, writing, and researching, including coverage of documenting sources.

An extensive rhetorical apparatus teaches students how to use each strategy to make their writing more effective, with chapter introductions discussing how to establish purpose, context, point of view, and organizational structure.

An annotated student essay in each chapter introduction offers students a realistic example of how rhetorical strategies can be incorporated into their own writing.

Paul Eschholz and Alfred Rosa are both professors of English at the University of Vermont, where they regularly teach freshman composition and advanced writing. They have conducted numerous seminars and writing workshops throughout the country and have collaborated on a number of best-selling texts, including Models for Writers, Sixth Edition (St. Martin's Press, 1998); Outlooks and Insights: A Reader for College Writers (St. Martin's Press, 1995); and, with Virginia Clark, Language Awareness, Seventh Edition (St. Martin's Press, 1997).

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Reading for Understanding and Meaning

  • Reading as a Writer

2. Writing Essays

  • The Writing Process
  • Pre-Writing
  • Writing a First draft
  • Revising
  • Editing
  • A Student Essay in Progress
  • A Student Writer: Keith Eldred, Secular Mantras

3. Writing Essays that Combine Strategies

  • A Student Writer: Tara Ketch, Kids, You Can't Read that Book!

4. Writing a Documented Research Paper

  • Using print and online sources
  • Evaluating sources
  • Note-taking
  • Integrating quotations into the text
  • Documenting sources
  • A note on plagiarism
  • A documented student essay
  • A Student Writer: Melanie Milks, The Absence of Television in My Family

5. Exemplification

  • Sample Student Essay: Shannon Long, Wheelchair Hell
  • *Natalie Goldberg, Be Specific
  • Barbara Huttmann, A Crime of Compassion
  • Deborah Tannen, How to Give Orders Like a Man
  • *Alice Walker, In Search of Mother's Gardens
  • *Combining Strategies: Leslie Marmon Silko, Yellow Woman and a Beauty of the Spirit [Exemplification, Description, Narration, Comparison/Contrast, Cause and Effect]
  • *Margaret Atwood, Fiction: Happy Endings

6. Description

  • Sample Student Essay: Blake Wilson, The "Shaw"
  • *Roger Angell, On the Ball
  • *Edward Abbey, Aravaipo Canyon
  • Phyllis Theroux, My Father, the Prince
  • *Judith Ortiz Cofer, A Partial Remembrance of a Puerto Rican Childhood
  • *Cherokee Paul MacDonald, A View from the Bridge
  • Combining Strategies: E.B. White, Once More to the Lake [Description, Narration, Comparison/Contrast]

7. Narration

  • Sample Student Essay: Andrew Kauser, Challenging My Fears
  • Malcolm X, Coming to an Awareness of Language
  • *Annie Dillard, Getting Caught (editor's title)
  • Langston Hughes, Salvation
  • *Combining Strategies: George Orwell, A Hanging [Narration, Description, Argumentation]
  • Julia Alvarez, Snow

8. Process Analysis

  • *Sample Student Essay
  • *Mortimer Adler, How to Mark a Book
  • Paul Roberts, How to Say Nothing in 500 Words
  • *Edward Hoagland, In the Toils of the Law
  • Diane Ackerman, Why Leaves Turn Color in the Fall
  • Combining Strategies: Lars Eighner, Dumpster Diving [Process Analysis, Exemplification, Definition, Cause and Effect]

9. Comparison and Contrast

  • Sample Student Essay: Barbara Bowman, Guns and Cameras
  • Mark Twain, Two Ways of Seeing a River
  • Suzanne Britt, Neat People vs. Sloppy People
  • *Frank S. Croce, Scrambled and Cross-Hyphen Purposes
  • *David McCullough, FDR and Truman
  • *Deborah Tannen, Sex, Lies and Conversation
  • *Combining Strategies: Scott Russel Sanders, The Men We Carry in our Minds [Comparison/Contrast, Exemplification, Division and Classification]

10. Division and Classification

  • *Sample Student Essay
  • Russell Baker, The Plot Against People
  • William Lutz, Types of Doublespeak
  • Judith Viorst, The Truth about Lying
  • *Martin Luther King Jr., Stride Toward Freedom
  • *Combining Strategies: Stephen Jay Gould, The Streak of Streaks [Division and Classification, Exemplification, Narration, Cause and Effect, Argument]
  • *Jamaica Kincaid, Girl

11. Definition

  • Sample Student Essay: Howard Solomon Jr., Best Friends
  • Ellen Goodman, The Company Man
  • Jo Goodwin Parker, What is Poverty?
  • *Rose Del Castillo Guilbault, Americanization is Tough on "Macho"
  • *Mark Gerzon, Manhood: The Elusive Goal
  • *Combining Strategies: Nancy Mairs, On Being a Cripple [Definition, Narration, Comparison/Contrast, Cause and Effect]
  • Kate Chopin, A Respectable Woman

12. Cause and Effect

  • Sample Student Essay: Kevin Cunningham, Gentrification
  • *Jon Katz, How Boys Become Men
  • *Kennedy P. Maize, The Great Kern County Mouse War
  • *Diane Ackerman, The Face of Beauty
  • Marie Winn, Television and Family Life
  • *Combining Strategies: Jacques D'Amboise, I Show a Child What Is Feasible [Cause and Effect, Narration, Process Analysis]

13. Argumentation

  • *Sample Student Essay
  • *Richard Lederer, The Case for Short Words
  • Thomas Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence
  • Martin Luther King Jr., Where Do We Go from Here: Community or Chaos?
  • *Linda Chavez, Demystifying Multiculturalism
  • *Wendell Berry, The Pleasures of Eating

Pairs of Arguments

The Legalization of Drugs
William Bennett, Should Drugs be Legalized?
William F. Buckley Jr., It Isn't Working
Violence in the Movies and Television
Robert Sheer, Violence is Us
Barbara Hattermer, Cause and Violent Effect: Media and Our Youth
Body Images: Weight Control and Fitness
*Sallie Tisdale, A Weight that Women Carry
*Barbara Eherenreich, The Naked Truth About Fitness


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Subjects / Strategies : A Writer
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