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Super Fitness for Sports, Conditioning and Health

Super Fitness for Sports, Conditioning and Health - 00 edition

Super Fitness for Sports, Conditioning and Health - 00 edition

ISBN13: 9780205313549

ISBN10: 020531354X

Super Fitness for Sports, Conditioning and Health by Thomas Fahey - ISBN 9780205313549
Edition: 00
Copyright: 2000
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
International: No
Super Fitness for Sports, Conditioning and Health by Thomas Fahey - ISBN 9780205313549

ISBN13: 9780205313549

ISBN10: 020531354X

Edition: 00

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Super Fitness for Sports, Conditioning, and Health presents an overview of basic exercise physiology and the relationship between exercise and health, while describing methods of measuring fitness and training techniques for improving endurance, strength, and flexibility. Sports scientists, coaches, and athletes have developed training techniques such as plyometrics, downhill running, parachute sprinting, interval training, Olympic lifting, over-distance training, medicine ball training, motor unit overload techniques, PNF stretching, and exotic forms of resistive exercise training. These training methods and more are presented in this easy-to-read, comprehensive book. For anyone interested in fitness, conditioning, and weight training.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Super Fitness.

Fitness in the Age of the Couch Potato.
Surgeon General's Report on Fitness.
Developing Physical Fitness.
The Fitness Components.
Which Fitness Should You Emphasize?
Putting the Exercise Program in Its Proper Perspective.

2. Exercise and Your Body.

Energy Management and Exercise.
Exercise and the Three Energy Systems.
Developing Metabolic Fitness.
Muscle Function during Exercise.
The Fitness Process: Exercise Training and Adaptation of the Body.
Principles of Training.
Develop Your Body to Suit Your Life-Style.

3. Developing Endurance.

What Is Endurance Fitness?
Endurance Fitness and Maximal Oxygen Consumption.
Assessing Endurance Fitness.
Designing an Endurance Fitness Program.

4. Developing Muscle Strength.

Principles of Strength Training.
Basic Weight Training Exercises.
Basic Weight Training Programs.

5. Developing Power and Speed.

The Elements of Power.
Metabolic Capacity.
Basic Speed and Power Exercises.
Integrating Power Training into Your Workouts.

6. Jumping and Plyometrics.

Stationary Plyometrics.
Horizontal Jumps and Hops.
Bounce Push-Ups.
Box Jumping.
Medicine Ball Exercises.
Medicine Ball Exercises with a Partner.
Olympic Weight Lifting.

7. Flexibility.

What Determines Flexibility?
Types of Stretching Techniques.
Benefits of Flexibility and Stretching Exercises.
Principles of Flexibility.
Basis Stretching Exercises and Your Stretching Routine.
Other Stretching Exercises.

8. Designing Your Exercise Program.

Principles of Training.
Designing Your Program.

9. Nutrition for Health and Performance.

Essential Nutrients.
The Healthy, High-Performance Diet and the Food Guide Pyramid.
Diet, Exercise, and Weight Control.
Ergogenic Aids and Food Supplements.