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Systems of Psychotherapy : Transtheoretical Analysis

Systems of Psychotherapy : Transtheoretical Analysis - 6th edition

Systems of Psychotherapy : Transtheoretical Analysis - 6th edition

ISBN13: 9780495007777

ISBN10: 0495007773

Systems of Psychotherapy : Transtheoretical Analysis by James O. Prochaska and John C. Norcross - ISBN 9780495007777
Edition: 6TH 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Brooks/Cole Publishing Co.
International: No
Systems of Psychotherapy : Transtheoretical Analysis by James O. Prochaska and John C. Norcross - ISBN 9780495007777

ISBN13: 9780495007777

ISBN10: 0495007773

Edition: 6TH 07

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Systematic and balanced, this comprehensive text uses a wealth of clinical case illustrations to help readers understand a wide variety of psychotherapies including psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, existential, person-centered, experiential, interpersonal, exposure, behavioral, cognitive, systemic, multicultural, and integrative. The Sixth Edition thoroughly analyzes 15 leading systems of psychotherapy and briefly surveys another 30, thus providing a broader scope than is available in most textbooks. Prochaska and Norcross explore each system's theory of personality, theory of psychopathology, and resulting therapeutic process and relationship. By doing so, they demonstrate how much psychotherapy systems agree on the processes producing change, while showing how they disagree on the content that needs to be changed. To bring these similarities and differences to life, the authors also present the limitations, practicalities, and outcome research of each system of psychotherapy.


  • NEW! New Chapter 13, "Multicultural Therapies" (which was formerly combined with Gender-Sensitive Therapies) provides more focused coverage of multicultural therapy and discusses the relevance and need for cultural competence in a pluralistic society.
  • Each chapter features an in-depth discussion of the case of Mrs. C to illustrate the therapy presented in that chapter. Additional case examples, found throughout the book, highlight the concepts and topics presented in each chapter.
  • Controlled outcome studies and meta-analytic reviews to evaluate the psychotherapies are summarized throughout the text.
  • The transtheoretical approach and stages of change serves as an organizational approach within the text, thus providing a high level of integration.
  • The text attends to the role of gender and race in psychotherapy both within each chapter (in the form of contextual criticisms of the psychotherapy system) and in two separate chapters (12 and 13).
  • Chapter 16, "Comparative Conclusions: Toward a Transtheoretical Therapy," includes material on the impact of managed care, the emergence of practice guidelines, the introduction of evidence-based practice, and the ascendancy of population-based interventions.
  • So that students can easily compare and contrast each theory, every chapter follows the same outline.
  • Each chapter has a section on critiques that provides criticisms of that theory from other theoretical orientations.
  • An Alternative Table of Contents is found in the appendix for those instructors who wish to focus on the change processes as they cut across theories, rather than the psychotherapy theories themselves.
  • NEW! The Psychoanalysis chapter now includes coverage of relational/intersubjective psychoanalysis.
  • NEW! A description of Process-Experiential Therapy appears in Chapter 6's reorganized discussion of the Gestalt and Experiential Therapies.
  • NEW! Enlarged consideration of the Transtheoretical Model in Chapter 16 includes discussion of recent outcome research and the future of the transtheoretical approach.
  • NEW! This edition provides updated reviews of controlled outcome studies and meta analytic studies conducted on each psychotherapy system.
  • NEW! A list of recommended websites, in addition to key terms and recommended readings at the end of each chapter, provide students with additional tools to help them learn about and apply the theories.
  • NEW! The book-specific website features the updated Transactional Analysis chapter as well as Microsoft PowerPoint slides for professors.
  • NEW! The expanded Instructor's Resource Manual includes a computerized test item package co-authored by two exceptional teachers, Drs. Linda Campbell, University of Georgia and Anthony Giuliano, Harvard Medical School.
  • The book provides an integrative framework that embraces both the essential similarities and the fundamental differences among the psychotherapies.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Defining and Comparing the Psychotherapies: An Integrative Framework.

2. Psychoanalytic Therapies.

3. Psychodynamic Therapies.

4. Existential Therapies.

5. Person-Centered Therapy.

6. Gestalt and Experiential Therapies.

7. Interpersonal Therapies.

8. Exposure Therapies.

9. Behavior Therapies.

10. Cognitive Therapies.

11. Systemic Therapies.

12. Gender-Sensitive Therapies.

13. Multicultural Therapies.

14. Constructivist Therapies: Solution-Focused and Narrative.

15. Integrative and Eclectic Therapies.

16. Comparative Conclusions: Toward a Transtheoretical Therapy.

17. Future of Psychotherapy.

Appendix: An Alternative Table of Contents.

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