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Teaching in the Elementary School

Teaching in the Elementary School - 4th edition

Teaching in the Elementary School - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780131190658

ISBN10: 0131190652

Teaching in the Elementary School by Judy W. Eby and Adrienne L. Herrell - ISBN 9780131190658
Edition: 4TH 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Merrill Education/Prentice Hall
International: No
Teaching in the Elementary School by Judy W. Eby and Adrienne L. Herrell - ISBN 9780131190658

ISBN13: 9780131190658

ISBN10: 0131190652

Edition: 4TH 05

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For General Elementary (K-6) Methods courses.

This text offers a thorough, balanced description of the realities of teaching in today's standards-based environment, while encouraging prospective teachers to be as reflective, creative, and independent as possible throughout their careers. It introduces a new model of reflective action that addresses the need for teachers to plan curriculum with accepted standards in mind, and at the same time, to be proactive decision-makers, to develop a strong sense of community among their pupils, and to accommodate diversity with inclusion. Case studies throughout the text illustrate this model in action, with truly exhilarating stories of teachers who see national curriculum and testing standards not as a goal but as a baseline.


  • NEW-"Reflective Action Model" introduced in Ch. 1 and then modeled in each following chapter--Updated to face the challenges to curriculum creativity inherent in today's reliance on national standards.
    • Encourages prospective teachers to see standards as only a starting point--helps readers align their teaching with expectations while maintaining individuality, joy, and satisfaction in their work.
  • NEW-"Reflective Action Stories"--Present stories of reflective, inspiring teachers who are creating appealing curricula, programs, teaching strategies, and assessments that still meet standards.
    • Illustrates reflective action "in action" in the classroom--models creative and original classroom work that can inform beginning teachers' own work.
  • NEW-"Reflective Action Experiences for Your Professional Portfolio"--Aligned with NBPTS (National Board for Professional Teaching Standards)--after each chapter.
    • Prepare prospective teachers for National Board of Professional Teaching Standards credentials--provide confidence-building practice that will help students achieve this important goal.
  • NEW-PRAXIS II margin notes in every chapter--Highlighting specific text sections devoted to areas of knowledge that make up the exam.
    • Help students study for this pivotal examination--serve as a handy vehicle for reviewing the full spectrum of text content.
  • Profiles of successful ESL programs/examples from multicultural/multilingual classrooms--Featuring strategies for fostering cooperation, interaction, and mutual respect among diverse children.
    • Introduce students to reflective strategies for working with diverse pupil populations--encourage them to make true inclusion of every child a fundamental tenet of their teaching practice.
  • Numerous unit/lesson plans and teaching/learning strategies--Interspersed throughout the material.
    • Provide teachers-to-be with a full repertoire of ideas for developing healthy classrooms--serve as a handy portfolio of practices students can use as-is in their own first classrooms.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Reflective Action in Teaching.

2. Creating a Safe, Healthy, and Happy Classroom.

3. Assessing Students' Diverse Needs.

4. Using Standards to Guide Your Curriculum Planning.

5. Planning Curriculum Units That Give Students a Sense of Purpose.

6. Lesson Planning and Sequencing.

7. Research Supports Active, Authentic Learning.

8. Engaging Students in Classroom Discussions.

9. Teaching Strategies That Increase Authentic Learning.

10. Integrating Technology into the Curriculum.

11. Assessing and Reporting Student Accomplishments.

12. Reflective Teachers in the School Community.