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Understanding Biology / Text Only (Cloth)

Understanding Biology / Text Only (Cloth) - 3rd edition

Understanding Biology / Text Only (Cloth) - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9780697222138

ISBN10: 0697222136

Understanding Biology / Text Only (Cloth) by Peter H. Raven and George B. Johnson - ISBN 9780697222138
Edition: 3RD 95
Copyright: 1995
Publisher: W.C.Brown Pub.Co.
International: No
Understanding Biology / Text Only (Cloth) by Peter H. Raven and George B. Johnson - ISBN 9780697222138

ISBN13: 9780697222138

ISBN10: 0697222136

Edition: 3RD 95

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Understanding Biology is a clear, comprehensive introductory text for your nonmajors or combined courses. It features an evolutionary approach as the unifying theme and a strong experimental focus. The third edition has the qualities needed in today's classrooms.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Part I·Introduction

1 The Science of Biology

Part II·Cell Biology

2 The Chemistry of Life
3 The Origin of Life
4 Cells
5 How Cells Interact with Their Environment

Part III·Energy

6 Energy and Metabolism
7 Respiration
8 Photosynthesis

Part IV·Genetics

9 How Cells Reproduce
10 Mendelian Genetics
11 Human Genetics
12 DNA: The Genetic Material
13 Genes and How They Work
14 Gene Technology

Part V·Evolution

15 The Evidence for Evolution
16 How Species Form
17 Evolution of Life on Earth
18 The Story of Vertebrate Evolution
19 How Humans Evolved

Part VI·Ecology

20 Population Dynamics
21 How Species Interact within Communities
22 Dynamics of Ecosystems
23 Atmosphere, Oceans, and Biomes
24 Our Changing Environment

Part VII·Biological Diversity

25 The Six Kingdoms of Life
26 The Invisible World: Bacteria and Viruses
27 The Origins of Multicellularity: Protists and Fungi
28 Plants
29 Animals

Part VIII·Plant Biology

30 The Structure and Function of Plant Tissues
31 Flowering Plant Reproduction
32 The Living Plant: Transport, Growth, and Responses

Part IX·Animal Biology

33 The Vertebrate Body
34 The Nervous System
35 How Animals Transmit Information
36 How Animals Move
37 Hormones
38 How Animals Digest Food
39 How Animals Capture Oxygen
40 Circulation
41 How the Body Defends Itself
42 Water Balance and Excretion
43 Sex and Reproduction
44 Development
45 Animal Behavior

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