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Understanding Research Methods

Understanding Research Methods - 4th edition

Understanding Research Methods - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9781884585524

ISBN10: 1884585523

Understanding Research Methods by Mildred L. Patten - ISBN 9781884585524
Edition: 4TH 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Pyrczak Publishing
International: No
Understanding Research Methods by Mildred L. Patten - ISBN 9781884585524

ISBN13: 9781884585524

ISBN10: 1884585523

Edition: 4TH 04

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One of our most popular books, it provides an overview of all the essential concepts traditionally covered in a research methods class. The numerous examples and large number of exercises in this book help students master the material. New to this edition: (1) expanded coverage on how to write critical reviews of published empirical research and (2) new sections on measures of effect size and meta-analysis.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part A Introduction to Research Methods

1. Introduction to Empirical Research
2. Experimental vs. Nonexperimental Studies
3. Experimental vs. Causal-Comparative Studies
4. Types of Nonexperimental Research
5. Variables in Nonexperimental Studies
6. Variables in Experimental Studies
7. Research Hypotheses, Purposes, and Questions
8. Operational Definitions of Variables
9. Quantitative vs. Qualitative Research: I
10. Quantitative vs. Qualitative Research: II
11. Program Evaluation
12. Ethical Considerations in Research
13. The Role of Theory in Research

Part B Reviewing Literature

14. Reasons for Reviewing Literature
15. Locating Literature Electronically
16. Organizing a Literature Review
17. Writing Literature Reviews
18. Citing refereces

Part C Sampling

19. Biased and Unbiased Sampling
20. Simple Random and Systematic Sampling
21. Stratified Random Sampling
22. Other Methods of Sampling
23. Introduction to Sample Size
24. A Closer Look at Sample Size

Part D Measurement

25. Introduction to Validity
26. Judgmental Validity
27. Empirical Validity
28. Judgmental-Empirical Validity
29. Reliability and Its Relationship to Validity
30. Measures of Reliability
31. Norm- and Criterion-Referenced Tests
32. Measures of Optimum Performance
33. Measures of Typical Performance

Part E Experimental Design

34. True Experimental Designs
35. Threats to Internal Validity
36. Threats to External Validity
37. Pre-Experimental Designs
38. Quasi-Experimental Designs

Part F Understanding Statistics

39. Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
40. Introduction to the Null Hypothesis
41. Scales of Measurement
42. Descriptions of Nominal Data
43. Introduction to the Chi Square Test
44. A Closer Look at the Chi Square Test
45. Shapes of Distributions
46. The Mean, Median, and Mode
47. The Mean and Standard Deviation
48. The Median and Interquartile Range
49. The Pearson Correlation Coefficient
50. The t Test
51. One-Way Analysis of Variance
52. Two-Way Analysis of Variance
53. Practical Significance of Results

Part G Effect Size and Meta-Analysis

54. Introduction to Effect Size (d)
55. Interpretation of Effect Size (d)
56. Effect Size and Correlation (r)
57. Introduction to Meta-Analysis
58. Meta-Analysis and Effect Size
59. Meta-Analysis: Strengths and Weaknesses


A. Examining the Validity Structure of Qualitative
B. Sample excerpts from a Literature Reviews
C. Indices to Journal Articles
D. Selected Sources of Statistical Information
E. Other Methods of Determining Reliability
F. A Closer Look at the Standard Deviation
G. A Closer look at Effect Size


1. Table of Random Numbers
2. Table of Recommended Sample Sizes