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Universe - Text Only

Universe - Text Only - 5th edition

Universe - Text Only - 5th edition

ISBN13: 9780716728269

ISBN10: 0716728265

Universe - Text Only by William J. Kaufmann and Roger Freedman - ISBN 9780716728269
Edition: 5TH 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: W.H. Freeman
International: No
Universe - Text Only by William J. Kaufmann and Roger Freedman - ISBN 9780716728269

ISBN13: 9780716728269

ISBN10: 0716728265

Edition: 5TH 99

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Suitable for both one- and two-term courses in introductory astronomy, Bill Kaufmann's Universe is acclaimed for its spectacular images and clear, engaging writing. No other text shows so clearly the thrill of discovery in astronomy, regardless of a student's background in science. With a new co-author, Roger Freedman, this edition brings students closer than ever to how science is made. In addition, they will find new boxes, more guest essays, help with student preconceptions, the acclaimed astronomy software "Starry Night," and a web site with late-breaking discoveries.


  • Exciting, authoritative, and fully up-to-date, the lucid writing and lavish full-color artwork share with students the scientific way of knowing.
  • A flexible part structure and highlighted cross-references let instructors choose what they wish to cover--and when they wish to cover it.
  • For greater flexibility and student suppport, difficult math and physics are set off in optional boxes--now called Tools of the Astronomers' Trade and Looking Deeper into Astronomy--with extensive worked examples.
  • Problem-Solving Tips and Tools give students an extra edge in solving the unusual variety of chapter questions.


NEW images from the Mars Pathfinder, Galileo, the Hubble Space Telescope, and ground-based observatories now come with wavelength icons to show students how observations are made.

NEW Cautions throughout the text help students past common preconceptions, based on the author's classroom experience.

NEW Guest Essays by James ("The Amazing") Randi on the nature of science, Alan Hale on discovering Comet Hale-Bopp, Geoff Marcy on distant planets, and John M. Bachall on the "missing" solar neutrinos show students the personal side of scientific discovery.

NEW critical-thinking questions at the start of each chapter motivate students and outline the topics to come.

NEW Heavens of Earth boxes and highlighted analogies throughout the text help students relate the ideas of astronomy to everyday experience and important applications.

With the fifth edition and its NEW web site, instructors can count on the latest coverage on the planets, the stars, and the chances for life beyond Earth.

Author Bio

Kaufmann, William J. : San Diego State University

Freedman, Roger : University of California-Santa Barbara

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Astronomy and the Universe

"Why Astronomy?" Sandra M. Faber

2. Knowing the Heavens

"Why Astrology Is Not a Science," James Randi

3. Eclipses and Motion of the Moon

4. Gravitation and the Motions of the Planets

5. The Nature of Light and Matter

6. Optics and Telescopes


7. Our Solar System

"Alien Planets," Geoff Marcy

8. Our Living Earth

9. Our Barren Moon

10. Sun-Scorched Mercury

11. Cloud-Covered Venus

12. Red Planet Mars

13. Jupiter: Lord of the Planets

14. The Galilean Satellites of Jupiter

15. The Spectacular Saturnian System

16. The Outer Worlds

17. Vagabonds of the Solar System

"Discovering a Comet," Alan Hale


18. Our Star, the Sun

"Searching for Neutrinos Beyond the Textbook," John M. Bachall

19. The Nature of Stars

20. The Birth of Stars

21. Stellar Evolution: After the Main Sequence

22. Stellar Evolution: The Death of Stars

23. Neutron Stars

24. Black Holes


25. Our Galaxy

26. Galaxies

"The Great Attractor," Alan Dressler

27. Quasars, Blazars, and Active Galaxies

28. Cosmology: The Creation and Fate of the Universe

"The Edge of Spacetime," Stephen W. Hawking

29. Exploring the Early Universe

30. The Search for Extraterrestrial Life



Answers to Selected Exercises


Star Charts

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Universe by William J. Kaufmann - ISBN 9780716723790