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Varney's Midwifery

Varney's Midwifery - 4th edition

Varney's Midwifery - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780763718565

ISBN10: 0763718564

Edition: 4TH 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
International: No

ISBN13: 9780763718565

ISBN10: 0763718564

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Encompassing the entire scope of the practice of midwifery, Varney's Midwifery covers the provision of primary care to women from puberty through senescence, including the maternity cycle and primary care of the well newborn. This new edition has been extensively revised and updated to reflect the full scope of current midwifery practice.

It contains new chapters on nutrition in women's health, primary care and midwifery, pharmacology and midwifery, international midwifery and safe motherhood, cultural competence in midwifery practice, and common diagnoses in women's gynecological health. Four new skills chapters are also included.

  • Expanded content on Chronic Infectious Diseases, Complications of Gestational Age Assessment and Postdate Pregnancy, Fetal Assessment in Labor, and Infant Feeding.
  • New to this Edition!
  • New skills chapters that guide the midwife through endometrial biopsy, sterile water papules, hands and knees birth position hand maneuvers, and squatting or supported squat birth position hand maneuvers.
  • Completely revised chapters on Health Issues of Lesbian and Bisexual Women and Birth in the Home or Birth Center.

Author Bio

Varney, Helen : Yale University

Helen Varney, CNM, MSN, DHL (Hon.), FACNM, Yale University School of Nursing, Nurse-Midwifery Program

Kriebs, Jan M. : University of Maryland

Jan M. Kriebs, CNM, MSN, FACNM , University of Maryland School of Medicine

Gegor, Carolyn L. : University of Maryland

Carolyn L. Gegor, CNM, MS, FACNM, University of Maryland School of Medicine

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part I Midwifery

1 The Profession and History of Midwifery in the United States
2 Basics of management of Care

Part II Primary Care of Women

3 Cultural Competence in Midwifery Practice
4 International Midwifery and Safe Motherhood
5 Health Maintenance
6 Nutrition in Women's Health
7 Primary Care and Midwifery
8 Chronic Infectious Diseases
9 Women and Exercise
10 Pharmacology and Midwifery
11 Health Issues of Lesbian and Bisexual Women (Zeidenstein)
12 Substance Abuse
13 Health Care of Midlife and Aging Women

Part III Reproductive Health Care

14 Common Diagnoses in Women's Reproductive Health
15 Infections of the Genital Tract
16 Family Planning
17 Natural Methods of Family Planning
18 Non-Hormonal Contraceptive Methods
19 Intrauterine Contraceptive Devices
20 Hormonal Contraception

Part IV Antepartal Care

21 Normal Pregnancy Data Base: Adaptations of the Mother, Development and Growth of the Embryo and the Fetus, and the Placenta
22 Management Plan for Normal Pregnancy
23 Fetal Assessment
24 Screening for and Collaborative Management of Antepartal Complications
25 Complications of Gestational Age Assessment and the Post Date Pregnancy
26 The Normal First Stage of Labor

Part V Intrapartal Care

27 Fetal Assessment in Labor
28 The Normal Second Stage of Labor
29 Screening for and Collaborative Management of Selected Complications During the First and Second Stages of Labor
30 Management of Selected Obstetric Complications and Deviations from Normal
31 The Normal Third Stage of Labor
32 Third Stage Complications and Management
33 The Normal Fourth Stage of Labor
34 Management of Immediate Postpartum Hemorrhage
35 Birth in the Home and Birth Center (Bailes and Jackson)

Part VI Newborn Care

36 Physiological Transition to Extrauterine Life
37 Immediate Care and Assessment of the Healthy Newborn
38 Resuscitation at Birth
39 Examination of the Newborn
40 Primary Care of the Newborn: the First 6 Weeks
41 Recognition and Immediate Care of Sick Newborns
42 The Normal Puerperium

Part VII Postpartal Care

43 Infant Feeding Methods
44 Screening for and Midwifery Management of Puerperal Abnormality

Part VIII Skills

45 Universal Precautions
46 Finger Puncture
47 Venipuncture
48 Inserting an Intravenous Catheter
49 Giving Intravenous Medications
50 Spin-Down Hematocrit
51 Removal of Norplant
52 Breast Examination
53 Obstetric Abdominal Examination
54 Checking for Costovertebral Angle Tenderness (CVAT)
55 Checking for Deep Tendon Reflexes and Clonus
56 Pelvic Examination
57 Obtaining a Specimen for Papanicolaou (Pap) Diagnostic Evaluation
58 Obtaining a Specimen for Gonococcal (GC) and Chlamydia Diagnostic Testing
59 Making a Wet Smear Slide of Vaginal Secretions
60 Using a Microscope
61 Anatomy of the Pelvis, Pelvis Types, Evaluation of the Bony Pelvis, and Clinical Pelvimetry
62 Breast Massage, Manual Expression, and Nipple Rolling
63 Injection of Intradermal Sterile Water Papules for Relief of Low Back Pain in Labor
64 Attaching a Fetal Scalp Electrode
65 Inserting an Intrauterine Pressure Catheter; Amnioinfusion
66 Perineal Prep (Cleaning)
67 Second Stage Pushing
68 Pudenal Block
69 Local Infiltration
70 Hand Maneuvers for Birth of a Baby with the Mother in Lithotomy or Modified Lithotomy Position
71 Hand Maneuvers for Birth of a Baby with the Mother in Dorsal Position
72 Hand Maneuvers for Birth of a Baby with the Mother in the Hands and Knees Position
73 Hand Maneuvers for Birth of a Baby with the Mother in the Squatting or Supported Squat Position
74 Inspection of the Placenta, Membrances, and Cord
75 Postbirth Inspection of the Cervix and Upper Vaginal Vault
76 Manual Removal of the Placenta
77 Fourth Stage Intrauterine Exploration
78 Bimanual Compression
79 Cutting an Episiotomy and Repairing Episiotomies and Lacerations
80 Physical Examination of the Newborn
81 Circumcision
82 Endometrial Biopsy