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Viewpoints : Readings Worth Thinking and Writing About

Viewpoints : Readings Worth Thinking and Writing About - 5th edition

Viewpoints : Readings Worth Thinking and Writing About - 5th edition

ISBN13: 9780618261796

ISBN10: 0618261796

Viewpoints : Readings Worth Thinking and Writing About by Adams W. Adams - ISBN 9780618261796
Edition: 5TH 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
International: No
Viewpoints : Readings Worth Thinking and Writing About by Adams W. Adams - ISBN 9780618261796

ISBN13: 9780618261796

ISBN10: 0618261796

Edition: 5TH 04

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Viewpoints features diverse, often opposing, perspectives on various themes--from human behavior, cultural heritage, and work to the media--and can be used in both high-level developmental writing courses and low-level freshman composition classes.

Two opening chapters set the stage for subsequent chapters with extensive reading and writing instruction, including Preparing to Read features that cover essential pre-reading techniques and four sets of post-reading questions: Understanding the Content, Looking at Structure and Style, Evaluating Author's Viewpoints, and Pursuing Possible Essay Topics. Also, writing assignments appear at the end of each reading to help students articulate their own opinions. On the Net activities give students an opportunity to practice their online research skills.

  • New! New reading selections provide an updated look at globalization and many other timely issues throughout the text.
  • New! On the Net exercises now cover a wider range of topics and also ask students to share their opinions online at specific sites.

Author Bio

Adams, W. Royce : Santa Barbara City College, Emeritus

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Note: Chapters 2-10 conclude with "On the Net."

I. Viewpoints on Reading and Writing Essays

1. Viewpoints on Reading Essays

Keeping a Reading Journal
Reading Essays
The Structure of an Essay
Understanding the Content
Marking as You Read

2. Viewpoints on Writing Essays

Getting Started: Finding a Working Thesis (Stage 1)
Getting It on Paper: Supporting Your Thesis (Stage 2)
Getting It Right: Revising and Editing (Stage 3)

II. Readings Worth Thinking and Writing About

3. Viewpoints on Learning

To Err Is Wrong, by Roger Von Oech
In Praise of the F Word, By Mary Sherry
Your Kid's Going to Pay for Cheating--Eventually, by Constance Hilliard
Essence of Education, by Robert W. Tracinski
The Lesson, by Toni Cade Bambara
The Practicality of a Liberal Arts Education, by Debra Sikes and Barbara Murray
Vouchers Answer New Segregation in Our Schools, by Paul Goldman
School Vouchers Don't Seem the Answer, by Larry Eichel
Student Essay: College Brings Alienation, by John Gonzales

4. Viewpoints on Human Behavior

Call Me Crazy, But I Have to Be Myself, by Mary Seymour
I'm Not a Dork; I'm Ahead of Today's Fashions, by Alan Ehrenhalt
Night Walker, by Brent Staples
On Holidays and How to Make Them Work, by Nikki Giovanni
Sunday in the Park, by Bel Kaufman
We Real Cool, by Gwendolyn Brooks
"The Ghetto Made Me Do It", by Francis Flaherty
Seeking the Roots of Violence, by Anastasia Toufexis
Student Essay: Teen Sex: 'Too Scary Out There for Me', by Mari Kinney

5. Viewpoints on Cultural Heritage

The Legacy of Generation N, by Christy Haubegger
The Great Divide, by Michael Quintanilla
Cultural Baggage, by Barbara Ehrenreich
Why Must Everything Be Black or White?, by E.R. Shipp
Time to Look and Listen, by Magdoline Asfahani
If Black English Isn't a Language, Than Tell Me, What Is? by James Baldwin
What's Wrong with Black English, by Rachel L. Jones
Student Essay: Coming to America, by Hieu Huynh

6. Viewpoints on Some Social Concerns

Ethical Tightrope, by Jim Lichtman
Keeping Faith in Kids, by David Gergen
Big Ideas for a Better America, by John F. Kennedy, Jr.
Eggs, Twinkies and Ethnic Stereotypes, by Jeanne Park
Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Kids, by Anna Quindlen
Serving the Human Connection, by H. Bruce Miller
My God, My Constitution, by Phil Donahue
Pledge Words Do No Harm to Nonbelievers, by Rochelle Riley
Student Essay: Should I Believe in God? by Amy Kimoto

7. Viewpoints on Family and Relationships

Silent Bond, by David Biro
The Perfect Family, by Alice Hoffman
My Grandmother, by Linda Pastan
Spoiling Our Kids, by Amy Dickerson
House of Cards, by Kevin Gray
Black Unlike Me, by Jana Wolff
Where's Papa, by David Popenoe
The Father Fixation, by Judith Stacey
Student Essay: My Younger Sibling, by Anne Rishi

8. Viewpoints on Work

What Does Your Pen Color Say About You?, by Jessie Milligan
On a Role, by Lamar Graham
For a Lady I Know, by Countee Cullen
Women Still Fighting for Job Equality, by DeWayne Wickman
My Mother Never Worked, by Bonnie Smith-Yackel
The Company Man, by Ellen Goodman
What Does Sex/Gender Have to Do with Your Job? by Jeffrey Bernbach
If You Let Me Play..., Mary Brophy Marcus
Student Essay: "Oh, I'm Just a Housewife, by Roy Wilson

9. Viewpoints on the Media

Calling the C-Word the C-Work, by James Poniewozik
The Issue Isn't Sex, It's Violence, by Caryl Rivers
Trauma TV, by Andrew Ferguson
Pandora's Idiot Box, by David Rakoff
Summer Kidnapping Panic, by Michele Goldberg
Chips Ahoy, by Richard Zoglin
Filters Can't Block Out the World, by Terry Schwadron
Student Essay: TV News: Journalism or Propaganda, by Jim Stone

10. Opposing Viewpoints on the Death Penalty

Death Penalty Saves Lives, by Jeff Jacoby
Death and Justice, by Edward I. Koch
Casting the First Stone, by Lloyd Steffen
Death Penalty's False Promise, by Anna Quindlen
A Hanging, by George Orwell
Student Essay: Stop Executing Juveniles, by Trisha Toyoto
A. Essay Format and Proofreading Guide
B. Quoting and Documenting Sources

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Viewpoints by W. Royce Adams - ISBN 9780618639502
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