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Western Civilization : Brief History, Volume II

Western Civilization : Brief History, Volume II - 6th edition

Western Civilization : Brief History, Volume II - 6th edition

ISBN13: 9780618807147

ISBN10: 0618807144

Western Civilization : Brief History, Volume II by Marvin Perry - ISBN 9780618807147
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 6TH 08
Copyright: 2008
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
International: No
Western Civilization : Brief History, Volume II by Marvin Perry - ISBN 9780618807147

ISBN13: 9780618807147

ISBN10: 0618807144

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 6TH 08

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Western Civilization: A Brief History, 6/e, maintains a firm grounding in political history, while covering intellectual history (particularly the significance of ideas and contributions) to a greater and deeper extent than any other text for the course. Author Marvin Perry's accessible writing style and flexible approach make this abridged version of Western Civilization: Ideas, Politics and Society an engaging text for instructors and students of the Western Civilization survey course.

The Sixth Edition incorporates current scholarship and new material on the First Crusade, the treatment of Jews, Christianity and classical humanism, and a fully revised and expanded section on "The Enlightenment and the Modern Mentality." Additional content highlights Muslim artistic and cultural contributions, the French Revolution and Reign of Terror, modern artists, the Russian Revolution, and the battles of World War II.

  • New! Each chapter opens with a set of focus questions to aid students' reading of the chapter, while chapter introductions provide a comprehensive overview of key themes.
  • New! Icons in the margins of the text direct students to online maps and primary sources, as well as to the Online Study Center for practice tests, interactive activities, and other materials to help students succeed in the course.
  • New! Instructors can access the Online Teaching Center, featuring an Instructor's Resource Manual, and PowerPoint maps and images, among other resources. HM Testing, Houghton Mifflin's test generation tool, is available separately as a CD.
  • Perry's distinctive writing style helps students quickly identify the major facts (who, what, when, where and why) behind European history. His flexible approach makes it easy for instructors to incorporate a range of sources.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I. The Ancient World: Foundation of the West to A.D. 500

The Ancient Near East: The First Civilizations
The Hebrews: A New View of God and the Individual
The Greeks: From Myth to Reason
Rome: From City-State to World Empire
Early Christianity: A World Religion

II. The Middle Ages: The Christian Centuries 500-1400

The Rise of Europe: Fusion of Classical, Christian, and Germanic Traditions
The Flowering and Dissolution of Medieval Civilization

III. The Rise of Modernity: From the Renaissance to the Enlightenment: 1350-1789

Transition to the Modern Age: Renaissance and Reformation
Political and Economic Transformation: National States, Overseas Expansion, Commercial Revolution
Intellectual Transformation: The Scientific Revolution and the Age of Enlightenment

IV. The Modern West: Progress and Breakdown 1789-1914

The Era of the French Revolution: Affirmation of Liberty and Equality
The Industrial Revolution: The Transformation of Society
Thought and Culture in the Early Nineteenth Century
Surge of Liberalism and Nationalism: Revolution, Counterrevolution, and Unification
Thought and Culture in the Mid-Nineteenth Century: Realism and Social Criticism
Europe in the Late Nineteenth Century: Realism and Social Criticism
Modern Consciousness: New Views of Nature, Human Nature, and the Arts

V. Western Civilization in Crisis: World Wars and Totalitarianism 1914-1945

World War I: The West in Despair
The Era of Totalitarianism
World War II: Western Civilization in the Balance

VI. The Contemporary World

The West in a Global Age
Epilogue: Reaffirming the Core Values of the Western Tradition