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Westward Dharma : Buddhism Beyond Asia

Westward Dharma : Buddhism Beyond Asia - 02 edition

Westward Dharma : Buddhism Beyond Asia - 02 edition

ISBN13: 9780520234901

ISBN10: 0520234901

Westward Dharma : Buddhism Beyond Asia by Charles S. Prebish and Martin Baumann - ISBN 9780520234901
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 02
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: University of California Press
International: No
Westward Dharma : Buddhism Beyond Asia by Charles S. Prebish and Martin Baumann - ISBN 9780520234901

ISBN13: 9780520234901

ISBN10: 0520234901

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 02

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The first authoritative volume on the totality of Buddhism in the West, Westward Dharma establishes a comparative and theoretical perspective for considering the amazing variety of Buddhist traditions, schools, centers, and teachers that have developed outside of Asia. Leading scholars from North America, Europe, South Africa, and Australia explore the plurality and heterogeneity of traditions and practices that are characteristic of Buddhism in the West.

This recent, dramatic growth in Western Buddhism is accompanied by an expansion of topics and issues of Buddhist concern. The contributors to this volume treat such topics as the broadening spirit of egalitarianism; the increasing emphasis on the psychological, as opposed to the purely religious, nature of practice; scandals within Buddhist movements; the erosion of the distinction between professional and lay Buddhists; Buddhist settlement in Israel; the history of Buddhism in internment camps; repackaging Zen for the West; and women's dharma in the West. The interconnections of historical and theoretical approaches in the volume make it a rich, multi-layered resource.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Pt. I Profiling Global Buddhism: A Description of the Landscape

1. Who Is a Buddhist? Night-Stand Buddhists and Other Creatures
2. The Spectrum of Buddhist Practice in the West
3. Protective Amulets and Awareness Techniques, or How to Make Sense of Buddhism in the West
4. Studying the Spread and Histories of Buddhism in the West: The Emergence of Western Buddhism as a New Subdiscipline within Buddhist Studies

Pt. II Diffusion: The Histories of Buddhism in Western Countries

5. Buddhism in Europe: Past, Present, Prospects
6. American Buddhism in the Making
7. Buddhism in Canada
8. The Development of Buddhism in Australia and New Zealand
9. Buddhism in South Africa
10. Buddhism in Brazil and Its Impact on the Larger Brazilian Society
11. Buddha in the Promised Land: Outlines of the Buddhist Settlement in Israel

Pt. III Change: Adaptations and Innovations

12. Camp Dharma: Japanese-American Buddhist Identity and the Internment Experience of World War II
13. The Translating Temple: Diasporic Buddhism in Florida
14. Repackaging Zen for the West
15. Scandals in Emerging Western Buddhism

Pt. IV Lifestyle: Being a Buddhist in Western Societies

16. The Challenge of Community
17. Buddhist Nuns: Changes and Challenges
18. Neither Monk nor Nun: Western Buddhists as Full-Time Practitioners
19. Virtues without Rules: Ethics in the Insight Meditation Movement

Pt. V Buddhism Facing New Challenges

20. The Roar of the Lioness: Women's Dharma in the West
21. Engaged Buddhism: Agnosticism, Interdependence, Globalization
22. The Encounter of Buddhism and Psychology
23. A "Commodius Vicus of Recirculation": Buddhism, Art, and Modernity