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Worksite Health Promotion

Worksite Health Promotion - 2nd edition

Worksite Health Promotion - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780736060417

ISBN10: 0736060413

Worksite Health Promotion by David H. Chenoweth - ISBN 9780736060417
Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 2ND 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers
International: No
Worksite Health Promotion by David H. Chenoweth - ISBN 9780736060417

ISBN13: 9780736060417

ISBN10: 0736060413

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 2ND 07

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Worksite Health Promotion has been fully updated and expanded with valuable new information and user-friendly learning aids. Now in its second edition, the book continues to be the ideal reference for aspiring and practicing health professionals who want to promote the health of employees and organizations.

Like its predecessor, the second edition ties together the theoretical concepts of health promotion and their everyday applications and presents a step-by-step approach to planning, implementing, and evaluating programs in a variety of settings. With a broad overview of worksite health promotion and the major events in history that have stimulated it, the book enables readers to understand the role of these programs in increasing productivity and controlling health care costs.

Students using this text will find more ideas than ever for planning and launching worksite programs. The text includes new sections on programming for small and multisite companies, electronic health management communication tools, using the stages of change framework with programming incentives, medical self-care, health and productivity management, and disability management as a component of an integrated health data-management system. A reorganized chapter structure and the addition of learning objectives, updated study questions, and expanded references also contribute to the appeal of this new edition.

Professionals using this second edition will discover the rationale and gain more justification for setting up worksite health programs. They will learn how to tailor a worksite health program to the mission, philosophy, and vision of their organizations, and they will glean ideas for addressing specific health concerns such as mental health, smoking cessation, ergonomics, and AIDS education. In addition, they will examine how to design an operating plan and report results to major stakeholders.

Drawing on more than 25 years of academic and private consulting experience, Dr. Chenoweth includes numerous case studies to demonstrate how successful programs are conducted at small, medium, and large worksites around the world. In addition, he has enhanced the text with new assessments to help readers determine employees' needs and interests, including a personal health questionnaire, environmental checksheet, healthy worksite assessment, and overall assessment of economic evaluations. With this resource, students and practitioners alike will have a full-spectrum view of today's cutting-edge principles and applications of worksite health promotion.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part I. Initiating Worksite Health Promotion

Chapter 1. The Case for Worksite Health Promotion

A Brief History of Worksite Health Promotion
Why Businesses Offer Worksite Health Promotion
Factors Behind Rising Health Care Costs
Cost Sharing
Health Costs and Health Promotion

Chapter 2. Determining Employees' Needs and Interests

Identification of Employees' Needs
Assessment of Employees' Interests

Part II. Planning Worksite Health Promotion

Chapter 3. Preparing Purposes and Goals

Establishing Vision and Mission Statements
Setting Appropriate Goals
Building Evaluation Into Your Program

Chapter 4. Selecting Healthy Lifestyle Programs

Physical Fitness Programs
Nutrition Education and Weight Control
Back Health
Prenatal Health Education
Smoking Control Policies and Programs
AIDS Education and HIV Disease Prevention
Medical Self-Care and Health Care Consumerism
Programming Philosophy
Financial Wellness

Chapter 5. Undertaking Financial Preparations

Allocating Resources
Funding Programs
Preparing a Budget
Preparing Your Proposal
Positioning WHP in an Integrated Framework

Part III. Accomplishing and Evaluating Worksite Health Promotion

Chapter 6. Reducing Major Health Risks

Strategies for Inspiring Change
Occupational Injury
Employee Assistance Programs
Stress Management

Chapter 7. Promoting and Launching Worksite Programs

Developing a Marketing Strategy
Using E-Health Technology
Preparing Employees to Take Action
Developing a Health Fair
Conducting Employee Health Screening
Giving the Program a Trial Run

Chapter 8. Evaluating Health Promotion Efforts

Evaluation Plan
Evaluation Categories
Evaluation Design
Scope and Specificity
Economic-Based Evaluations

Part IV. Managing Essential Worksite Health Promotion Considerations

Chapter 9. Overcoming Challenges of Company Size

Small Business
Multisite Settings

Chapter 10. Beginning a Successful Career

Academic Preparation
Job Seeking

Appendix A. Personal Health Questionnaire
Appendix B. Environmental Checksheet

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