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World Civilizations : The Global Experience, Volume II

World Civilizations : The Global Experience, Volume II - 3rd edition

World Civilizations : The Global Experience, Volume II - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9780321038135

ISBN10: 0321038134

World Civilizations : The Global Experience, Volume II by Peter Stearns, Michael Adas, Stuart Schwartz and Marc Jason Gilbert - ISBN 9780321038135
Edition: 3RD 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Longman, Inc.
International: No
World Civilizations : The Global Experience, Volume II by Peter Stearns, Michael Adas, Stuart Schwartz and Marc Jason Gilbert - ISBN 9780321038135

ISBN13: 9780321038135

ISBN10: 0321038134

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The primary goal of World Civilizations: The Global Experience, Third Edition is to present a truly global history--one that both discusses the development of the world's leading civilizations and also emphasizes the major stages in the interactions among different peoples and societies. The book examines all the world's civilizations, including those in the Western tradition but also those civilizations sometimes neglected in world history texts--for example, the nomadic societies of Asia, Latin America, and the nations and states of the Pacific Rim. World Civilizations balances this discussion of independent developments in all the world's major civilizations with comparative analysis of the results of international contact.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

List of Maps.


22. The Transformation of the West, 1450-1750.

The First Big Changes: Culture and Commerce.
Science and Politics: The Next Phase of Change.
Graphic Analysis: Versailles.
Document: Controversies About Women.
Analysis: Elites and Masses.
The West by 1750.
Conclusion: Innovation and Instability.

23. The West and the World.

The West's First Outreach: Maritime Power.
Analysis: Causation and the West's Expansion.
Toward a World Economy.
Graphic Analysis: West Indian Slaveholding.
Document: Western Conquerors: Tactics and Motives.
Colonial Expansion.
Conclusion: The Impact of a New World Order.

24. The Rise of Russia.

Russia's Expansionist Politics Under the Tsars.
Russia's First Westernization, 1690-1790.
Themes in Early Modern Russian History.
Document: The Nature of Westernization.
Graphic Analysis: Oppressed Peasants.
Analysis: Multinational Empires.
Conclusion: Russia and Eastern Europe.

25. Early Latin America.

Spaniards and Portuguese: From Reconquest to Conquest.
The Destruction and Transformation of Indian Societies.
Analysis: The Great Exchange.
Colonial Economies and Governments.
Document: A Vision from the Vanquished.
Brazil: The First Plantation Colony.
Multiracial Societies.
Graphic Analysis: A Changing Population.
The Eighteenth-Century Reforms.
Conclusion: The Diverse Ingredients of Latin American Civilization.

26. The Muslim Empires.

The Ottomans: From Frontier Warriors to Empire Builders.
Document: An Islamic Traveler Laments the Muslims' Indifference to Europe.
Analysis: The Gunpowder Empires and the Shifting Balance of Global Power.
The Shi'ite Challenge of the Safavids.
The Mughals and the Apex of Muslim Civilization in India.
Graphic Analysis: The Basis of Imperial Power in the Rival Muslim Empires.
Conclusion: The Rise of Europe and the Eclipse of Islamic Civilization as the Pivot of the World Order.

27. Africa and the Africans in the Age of the Atlantic Slave Trade.

The Atlantic Slave Trade.
African Societies, Slavery, and the Slave Trade.
Graphic Analysis: Royal Power in West Africa.
White Settlers and Africans in Southern Africa.
Analysis: Slavery and Human Society.
The African Diaspora.
Document: A Slave's Description of the Middle Passage.
Conclusion: The Impact of Slavery on Africa.

28. Asian Transitions in an Age of Global Change.

The Asian Trading World and the Coming of the Europeans.
Graphic Analysis: Intruders--The Pattern of Early European Expansion in Asia.
Ming China: A Global Mission Refused.
Document: Exam Questions as a Mirror of Chinese Values.
Analysis: Means and Motives for Overseas Expansion: Europe and China Compared.
Fending Off the West: Japan's Reunification and the First Challenge.
Conclusion: Asia and the First Phase of Europe's Global Expansion.


29. The Industrialization of the West, 1760-1914.

Forces of Change.
Graphic Analysis: The French Revolution in Cartoon.
The Industrial Revolution.
Document: Women in the Industrial Revolution.
The Consolidation of the Industrial Order, 1850-1914.
Cultural Transformations.
The Extensions of Western Society.
Analysis: The United States in World History.
Diplomatic Tensions and World War I.
Conclusion: Diplomacy and Society.

30. Industrialization and Imperialism: The Making of the European Global Order.

The Shift to Land Empires in Asia.
Analysis: Western Education and the Rise of an African and Asian Middle Class.
Industrial Rivalries and the partition of the World, 1870-1914.
Graphic Analysis: Capitalism and Colonialism.
Patterns of Dominance: Continuity and Change.
Document: Contrary Images: The Colonizer vs. the Colonized on the ''Civilizing Mission''.
Conclusion: The Pattern of the Age of Imperialism.

31. The Consolidation of Latin America, 1830-1920.

From Colonies to Nations.
New Nations Confront Old and New Problems.
Document: Confronting the Hispanic Heritage: From Independence to Consolidation.
Latin American Economies and World Markets, 1820-1870.
Societies in Search of Themselves.
Cultural Expression After Independence.
The Great Boom, 1880-1920.
Analysis: Explaining Underdevelopment.
Graphic Analysis: On the Track of Progress.
Conclusion: New Nations, Old Problems.

32. Civilizations in Crisis: The Ottoman Empire, the Islamic Heartlands, and Qing China.

Analysis: Western Dominance and the Decline of Civilizations.
From Empire to Nation: Ottoman Retreat and the Birth of Turkey.
Western Intrusions and the Crisis in the Arab Islamic Heartlands.
Graphic Analysis: Military Power and the Outcomes of Global Rivalries.
The Last Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of the Qing Empire in China.
Document: Building a New China.
Conclusion: Islamic and Chinese Responses to the Challenge of the West Compared.

33. Russia and Japan: Industrialization Outside the West.

Russia's Reforms and Industrial Advance.
Document: Conditions for Factory Workers in Russia's Industrialization.
Protest and Revolution in Russia.
Japan: Transformation Without Revolution.
Analysis: The Separate Paths of Japan and China.
Graphic Analysis: Two Faces of Western Influence.
Conclusion: Japan, Russia, and World War I.


34. Nine Decades of Crisis and Renewal, 1914-1999.

World War I.
Graphic Analysis: Trench Warfare.
The Great Depression.
World War II.
Document: The Leader of the Soviet Union Evaluates the Depression.
Analysis: Total War.
The Cold War, 1945-1989.
Conclusion: A Legacy of Uncertainty.

35. The West in the Twentieth Century.

The Disarray in the West, 1914-1945.
After World War II: International Setting for the West.
Document: The Resistance Spirit.
Culture and Society in the West.
Graphic Analysis: Women at Work.
Analysis: The Decline of the West?
Conclusion: Will the Real West Please Stand Up?

36. The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

The Russian Revolution.
Analysis: Twentieth-Century Revolutions.
Building Soviet Society.
Document: Socialist Reform.
Graphic Analysis: Socialist Realism.
The Soviet Union as a Superpower.
The Explosion of the 1980s and 1990s.
Conclusion: What Next?

37. Japan and the Pacific Rim.

Decades of Turmoil: The World Wars and Their Consequences.
East Asia in the Postwar Settlements.
Document: Japan and the Loss in World War II.
Japan, Incorporated.
The Pacific Rim: New Japans?
Graphic Analysis: Pacific Rim Growth.
Analysis: The Pacific Rim as a United States Policy Issue.
Conclusion: Pacific Rim as Exception or as Model.

38. Latin America: Revolution and Reaction in the Twentieth Century.

The Mexican Revolution and the Great War.
Economic Change and New Political Actors.
Promises of Social Reform.
Radical Options in the 1950s.
Graphic Analysis: Murals and Posters: Art and Revolution in a ''Flash''.
The Search for Reform and the Military Option.
Document: The People Speak.
Analysis: Human Rights in the Twentieth Century.
Societies in Search of Change.
Conclusion: Struggling Toward the Future.

39. Decolonization and the Decline of the European World Order.

Prototypes for the Independence Struggles: The First Phase of Decolonization in India and Egypt.
World War I and the Postwar Crisis of the European Empires.
Document: Lessons for the Colonized from the Slaughter in the Trenches.
Analysis: Women in Asian and African Nationalist Movements.
Another Global War and the Collapse of the European World Order.
Graphic Analysis: The State of the New Nations at the Time of Independence.
Conclusion: The Limits of Decolonization.

40. Africa and Asia in the Era of Independence.

The Challenges of Independence.
Analysis: Artificial Nations and the Rising Tide of Communal Strife.
Document: Cultural Creativity in the Emerging Nations: Some Literary Samples.
Paths to Economic Growth and Social Justice.
Graphic Analysis: Political Options and Development Outcomes.
Conclusion: The Postcolonial Experience in Historical Perspective.

41. War and Revolution in China and Vietnam.

The Struggle for China.
Document: Women in the Revolutionary Struggle.
Mao's China and Beyond.
Graphic Analysis: Art and Revolution in Russia, China, and Cuba.
Colonialism and Revolution in Vietnam.
Analysis: Decolonization with and Without Social Revolution.
Conclusion: Revolutions and Civilization in China and Vietnam.

42. A Twenty-first-Century World: Trends and Prospects.

Optimism or Pessimism.
A New Period in World History.
Extrapolating Trends in World Societies.
Analysis: Evaluating the Conditions of Women.
Analysis: World History Themes.
Forecasting by a Single Causal Factor.
Regions, Civilizations, and World Forces.
Conclusion: Asking Questions.


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