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Writer's Resource : A Handbook for Writers and Researchers

Writer's Resource : A Handbook for Writers and Researchers - 03 edition

Writer's Resource : A Handbook for Writers and Researchers - 03 edition

ISBN13: 9780070400559

ISBN10: 0070400555

Edition: 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
International: No

ISBN13: 9780070400559

ISBN10: 0070400555

Edition: 03

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Author Bio

Maimon, Elaine : Arizona State University--West

Peritz, Janice : Queens College

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Tab 1: Learning Across the Curriculum

1. Your College Experience
2. Writing to Learn
3. Writing in College
4. Writing Online
5. Learning in English as a Second Language

Tab 2: Writing Papers

6. Reading, Thinking, Writing: The Critical Connection
7. Planning
8. Drafting
9. Revising

Tab 3: Common Assignments Across the Curriculum

10. Informative Reports
Student Paper: Smulowitz on Stocks
11. Interpretive Analysis and Writing About Literature
Student Paper: Bector on O'Connor
12. Arguments
Student Paper: Buglione on the NFL
13. Other Kinds of Assignments

Tab 4: Writing Connections: College, Community, Career

14. Service Learning and Community Service Writing
15. Letters to Get Action: Protest and Praise
15. Writing to Get and Keep a Job

Tab 5: Researching

17. Understanding Research
18. Finding Print and Online Sources
19. Evaluating Sources
20. Doing Research in the Archive, Field, and Lab
21. Working with Sources
22. Writing the Paper
23. Discipline-Specific Resources in the Library and on the Internet

Tab 6: MLA Documentation Style

24. MLA Style: In-Text Citations
25. MLA Style: List of Works Cited
26. MLA Style: Explanatory Notes
27. MLA Paper Format
28. Student Paper in MLA Style: Esther Hoffman: Louis Armstrong and Joe Glaser

Tab 7: APA Documentation Style

29. APA Style: In-Text Citations
30. APA Style: List of References
31. APA Paper Format
32. Student Paper in APA Style: Jennifer Koehler: Germany's Path to Continuing Prosperity

Tab 8: Other Documentation Styles: Chicago, CBE, and COS

33. Chicago Manual Documentation Style
34. CBE Documentation Styles
35. Columbia Online Style (COS)

Tab 9: Document and Web Design

36. Document Design
37. Writing for the World Wide Web

Tab 10: Editing for Clarity

38. Wordy Sentences
39. Missing Words
40. Mixed Constructions
41. Confusing Shifts
42. Faulty Parallelism
43. Dangling and Misplaced Modifiers
44. Coordination and Subordination
45. Sentence Variety
46. Active Verbs
47. Appropriate Language
48. Exact Language
49. The Dictionary and the Thesaurus
50. Glossary of Usage

Tab 11: Editing for Grammar Conventions

51. Sentence Fragments
52. Comma Splices and Run-on Sentences
53. Subject/Verb Agreement
54. Problems with Verbs
55. Problems with Pronouns
56. Problems with Adjectives and Adverbs

Tab 12: Editing for Correctness: Punctuation, Mechanics, and Spelling

57. Commas
58. Semicolons
59. Colons
60. Apostrophes
61. Quotation Marks
62. Other Punctuation Marks
63. Capital Letters
64. Abbreviations
65. Numbers
66. Italics (underlining)
67. Hyphens
68. Spelling

Tab 13: Basic Grammar Review and Tips for Multilingual Writers

69. Parts of Speech
70. Sentences
71. Phrases or Dependent Clauses
72. Types of Sentences
Appendix: Further Resources for College Writers

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