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Writing Papers in Biological Sciences

Writing Papers in Biological Sciences - 4th edition

Writing Papers in Biological Sciences - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780312440831

ISBN10: 0312440839

Writing Papers in Biological Sciences by Victoria E. McMillan - ISBN 9780312440831
Cover type: Spiral
Edition: 4TH 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: Bedford Books
International: No
Writing Papers in Biological Sciences by Victoria E. McMillan - ISBN 9780312440831

ISBN13: 9780312440831

ISBN10: 0312440839

Cover type: Spiral
Edition: 4TH 06

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Concise, self-teaching guide to writing in biology. Modeled on a handbook format -- with bulleted rules, checklists for formatting various scientific papers, a detailed index, and a spiral binding -- Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences is a handy reference that students can readily use on their own.

Comprehensive coverage of the most common writing assignments in undergraduate biology courses. Thorough chapters on writing and documenting research papers and reviews are each illustrated with an annotated student paper. McMillan covers each stage of the writing process, from drafting to revising to preparing the final paper. Special emphasis is given to student integrity and the avoidance of plagiarism.

Thorough coverage of other forms of biological writing, including guidelines for oral presentations, poster presentations, research proposals, letters of application, and résumés.

A chapter on reading effectively and preparing for examinations provides smart advice on getting the most out of textbooks, preparing for laboratory exams, and studying for short-answer questions.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

How and Why Biologists Write: An Introduction to Biological Literature

1. Locating and Using Biological Literature

Searching the Literature
Using the Internet
Reading Scientific Papers
Taking Notes

2. Handling Data and Using Statistics

Getting Started
Recording and Organizing Your Findings
Using Statistics to Analyze Your Data

3. Using Tables and Figures


4.Writing Lab Reports and Research Papers

Materials and Methods
Literature Cited
Checklist for Lab Reports and Research Papers
Sample Laboratory Report
Sample Student Research Paper

5. Writing a Review Paper

Choosing a Topic
Deciding on a Title
Working with the Literature
Presenting Your Material
Sample Review Paper

6. Documenting the Paper

Citing Sources in the Text
Preparing the Literature Cited Section

7. Drafting and Revising

The First Draft
Practical Suggestions for Revising
Checking Content and Structure
Improving Paragraphs
Writing Clear, Accurate Sentences
Avoiding Wordiness
Verb Tense

8. Preparing the Final Draft

Mechanics and Technicalities
Manuscript Format
Writing an Acknowledgments Section

9. Using Writing to Prepare for Examinations

Getting the Most Out of Textbooks
Taking Good Lecture Notes
Preparing for Laboratory Exams
Studying for Short-Answer Questions
Answering Essay Questions

10. Other Forms of Biological Writing

Oral Presentations
Poster Presentations
Research Proposals
Letters of Application
Sample Cover Letter
Sample Résumés
Sample Curriculum Vitae
Additional Readings
References Cited