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Writing with a Thesis : A Rhetoric and Reader

Writing with a Thesis : A Rhetoric and Reader - 7th edition

Writing with a Thesis : A Rhetoric and Reader - 7th edition

ISBN13: 9780155037403

ISBN10: 0155037404

Writing with a Thesis : A Rhetoric and Reader by David Skwire and Sarah E. Skwire - ISBN 9780155037403
Edition: 7TH 98
Copyright: 1998
Publisher: Harcourt Brace or Harcourt Press
International: No
Writing with a Thesis : A Rhetoric and Reader by David Skwire and Sarah E. Skwire - ISBN 9780155037403

ISBN13: 9780155037403

ISBN10: 0155037404

Edition: 7TH 98

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Now an established classic in its field, the Seventh Edition of Writing with a Thesis is distinguished by its treatment of the importance of a thesis in creating a quality piece of writing. Ideal for departments in search of a rhetorically-organized reader, Writing with a Thesis provides short, lively, and accessible essays and a direct approach to concepts and ideas that is both extensive and understandable to students. This rhetoric/reader is unique in it's emphasis on the "persuasive principle."


  • The unifying theme of the 'persuasive principle,' describes the development and support of a thesis as the underlying element of all good writing.
  • Apparatus for readings include: biographical and contextual headnotes for all professional essays; explanatory footnotes; and post-reading questions for the professional essays - 'What Did the Writer Say and What Did You Think?' and 'How Did the Writer Say It?'
  • 'What about your Writing?' are brief comments following each reading that offer quick, practical pointers and tips to students.
  • Each of the ten student essays include outlines that point out the thesis and arrangement of topics for each paragraph of the essay.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. The Persuasive Principle

Two Ads on the Community Bulletin Board
Two Sets of Direction
Two Thank-You Notes
Two Letters of Complaint
Two Replies to the Second Letter of Complaint
Two "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" Essays
Two Freshman English Essays on a Literary Subject
Shirley Jackson, The Lottery

2. Narration

Student Essay: Biking With Grandma Rose, Audrey P. McManus
Delia Ephron, Coping with Santa Claus
Langston Hughes, Salvation
Andrew Merton, When Father Doesn't Know Best
Rogelio Gomez, Foul Shots
Barbara Huttman, A Crime of Compassion
Elizabeth Wong, A Cultural Divorce

3. Description

Student Essay: The Glorious Fourth, Allen Robertson
Marilyn Schiel, Levi's
Al Sicherman, Be Scared for your Kids
Cheryl Heckler-Feltz, Say Now, That Was Milo
Anna Quindlen, I am Catholic
Alan Devoe, Our Enemy, the Cat
Kurt Anderson, Hush, Timmy - This is Like a Church

4. Examples

Student Essay: Dad's Cream Car, Britt Teller
Isaac Asimov, What is Intelligence, Anyway?
Adair Lara, Couple Lies
Harold Krents, Darkness at Noon
James Sollich, Fruitful Questions
Ishmael Reed, America: The Multinational Society

5. Process

Student Essay: How to Trim Your Kids, Roberta Larsen
Ronni Lundy, Corn Bread with Character
Kirby W. Stanat, How to Take a Job Interview
Tom Bodett, Ditch Diving
Robert Bezilla, Twelve Steps to Quit Smoking
Alexander Petrunkevitch, The Spider and the Wasp

6. Comparison and Contrast

Student Essay: Restrooms Over There and Over Here, Vikki Loomis
Student Essay: Guy Movies, Chick Movies, Edith Renaldo
Susan Britt, The Lean and Hungry Look
William Zinsser, Speaking of Writing
Nancy Masterson Sakamoto, Conversational Ballgames
Mark Twain, The Lowest Animal
Stephen Chapman, The Prisoner's Dilemma

7. Cause and Effect

Student Essay: A Few Short Words, Matthew Monroe
Martin Luther King, Jr., The Decisive Arrest
Stephen King, Why We Crave Horro Movies
Betty Rollin, The Best Years of My Life
Sandra Cisneros, The Only Daughter
Aldo Leopold, Thinking Like a Mountain

8. Division and Classification

Student Essay: Earthquakes, Sadie Ross
Kenneth H. Cooper, How Fit Are You?
Charlotte Latvala, Mother-In-Law
Russell Baker, The Plot Against the People
William Lutz, Types of Doublespeak
John Holt, Three Kinds of Discipline

9. Definition

Student Essay: Growing Up, Anonymous
Ellen Goodman, The Workaholic
Margo Kaufman, My Way
William Raspberry, The Handicap of Definition
Frank Deford, Cystic Fibrosis
Janice Castro, with Dan Cook and Christina Garcia, Spanglish

10. Argumentation

Student Essay: E-Mail is Not-For-Me Mail, Anya C. Naxos
Robert W. Gardner, Thanksgiving's No Turkey
Patricia McLaughlin, Sis Boom Bah Humbug
Rachel L. Jones, What's Wrong with Black English?
Albert Shanker, The Smiley-Face Approach
Michael Levin, The Case For Torture
Jonathan Swift, A Modest Proposal