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Your Blues Ain't Like Mine

Your Blues Ain't Like Mine - 92 edition

Your Blues Ain't Like Mine - 92 edition

ISBN13: 9780345383952

ISBN10: 0345383958

Your Blues Ain
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 92
Copyright: 1992
Publisher: Ballantine Books, Inc.
International: No
Your Blues Ain

ISBN13: 9780345383952

ISBN10: 0345383958

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 92

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"Absorbing...Compelling...Highly satisfying."

-- San Francisco Chronicle

"TRULY ENGAGING...Campbell has a storyteller's ear for dialogue and the visual sense of painting a picture and a place....There's a steam that keeps the story moving as the characters, and later their children, wrestle through racial, personal and cultural crisis."

-- Los Angeles Times Book Review


-- Time

"Your Blues Ain't Like Mine is rich, lush fiction set in rural Mississippi beginning in the mid-'50s. It is also a haunting reality flowing through Anywhere, U.S.A., in the '90s....There's love, rage and hatred, winning and losing, honor, abuse; in other words, humanity....Campbell now deserves recognition as the best of storytellers. Her writing sings."

-- The Indianapolis News


-- The Seattle Times

"A compelling narrative...Campbell is a master when it comes to telling a story."

-- Entertainment Weekly

Your Blues Ain't Like Mine won the NAACP Image Award for Best Literary Work of Fiction

Campbell's affecting memoir, Sweet Summer: Growing Up With and Without My Dad, was hailed as "one of the more overdue books about and for the black community" by The Washington Post. Now, in her first novel, repercussions are felt for decades in a dozen lives after a racist beating turns to cold-blooded murder in a small 1950s Mississippi town.

"Repercussions are felt for decades in a dozen lives after a racist beating turns to cold-blooded murder in a small Mississippi town in the 1950s. .. . Chicago-born Armstrong Todd is fifteen, black, and unused to the segregated ways of the Deep South when his mother sends him to spend the summer with relatives in her native rural Mississippi. For speaking a few innocuous words in French to a white woman, Armstrong pays the ultimate price when her husband, brother-in-law, and father-in-law decide to teach him a lesson. The lives of everyone involved in the incident -- black and white -- are changed forever, and the reverberations extend well into the next generation." (Publisher's note)