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ISBN13: 9780073311777

ISBN10: 0073311774 Statics Companion by Jeff Jones - ISBN 9780073311777
Edition: 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
International: No Statics Companion by Jeff Jones - ISBN 9780073311777

ISBN13: 9780073311777

ISBN10: 0073311774

Edition: 07
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In the Statics Companion, students and instructors will find over 300 statics example problems for use in class or for extra practice outside of class with's corresponding online statics streaming videos. The videos feature statics problems being solved in great detail with a voiceover, providing reinforcement for those students who need the extra help. In addition, perforated pages allow instructors to easily transfer problems to transparencies or create handouts. offers a total of 40 courses, with a strong emphasis on math and engineering.

New Features

  • Over 300 Statics Example Probelms for use in class or for extra practice outside of class with YourOtherTeacher.Com's corresponding online Statics course
  • By using the coupon code within the text and accessing this course, students will find probelms solved by an online instructor in a detailed, step-by-step, whiteboard video format.
  • Your is the only site that actually talks and demonstrates the concept as though the student is sitting in a classroom. Other sites require users to read their solutions off the screen or watch distracing computer animations.
  • Great supplement to studnets who are struggling in class and need a little more instruction.
  • Online lessons have quizzes, so a student can test their knowledge of the lesson that they just watched

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Statics of Particles
3. Rigid Bodies: Equivalent Systems of Forces
4. Equilibrium of Rigid Bodies
5. Distributed Forces: Centroids and Centers of Gravity
6. Analysis of Structures
7. Forces in Beams
8. Friction
9. Distributed Forces: Moments of Enertia