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#SUMMERGOALS: 4 Reasons to Volunteer This Summer

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4 Reasons to Volunteer This Summers // Textbooks.com Blog We know, we know. You just finished the semester - all that work, all those exams, all those papers - and here we are suggesting more work? And volunteering? As in, unpaid work? What are we thinking? Bear with us though – because there’s a reason. In fact, there are many reasons to volunteer this summer. And our good friends at Barnes & Noble College’s blog, The College Juice, lay them out for you:

1. You’ll feel more positive
Think about it. The work you put in as a volunteer can change someone’s life for the better or make a big difference in a community. And as the College Juice suggests, volunteering also helps you focus on the bigger picture. When you see the kinds of experiences people around the world deal with regularly, those little inconveniences that usually get you down suddenly don’t seem so bad anymore.

2. You’ll discover new places
Traveling to new places, trying new things, and experiencing new cultures are all great reasons to volunteer. These are memories you’ll never forget and think of all the stories you’ll have to share afterwards.

3. You’ll meet new people
There are all kinds of people you can meet while volunteering. It’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends, people who will inspire you, and maybe even people that can become connections for future volunteer or career opportunities.

4. You’ll get resume-building experience
Not only can volunteering teach you new skills, but it also looks pretty impressive to employers. Candidates with volunteer experience under their belt have an advantage over those who don’t when seeking new positions. It’s a pretty easy resume builder, so why miss out? See if your school offers volunteer opportunities, or check out the helpful resource VolunteerForever.com with different programs you can look into.

For more career and volunteering tips, check out Barnes & Noble College’s blog, TheCollegeJuice.com.