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5 Best Career Podcasts to Inspire Your Next Step

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5 Best Career Podcasts to Inspire Your Next StepWhether you’re new to the job search and need help fine tuning your resume, or have been in the workplace for a while and need to channel some inspiration, you’ll find a ton of helpful insights, professional advice, and job hunting tips in these 5 career podcasts. Rounded up by our friends at Barnes & Noble College’s blog, the College Juice, these career podcasts will help jump start your job search or maybe inspire a new career path altogether.


5 Best Career Podcasts | Half Hour Intern Half Hour Intern
Perfect for the student still on the hunt for their passion, The Half Hour Intern podcast explores the interesting paths people take in life. With more than 200 episodes and counting, creator Blake Fletcher dives into how professionals got their start – from NASA engineers and pet detectives to immigration lawyers, brand consultants, and opera singers. Listen >>

5 Best Career Podcasts | Being Boss Being Boss
About to embark on your own start up? Have a business idea and too much fear is getting in the way? This career podcast is a must for creative entrepreneurs (or aspiring ones). Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson motivate their listeners (a.k.a. their tribe) with straightforward advice and insightful interviews as they cover how to be “boss” in both work and life, covering the tactile, operational, and practical along with the inspirational and emotional. Listen >>

Best Career Podcasts | 48 Days to the Work You Love 48 Days to the Work You Love
Ranked the #1 career podcast series on iTunes, this weekly podcast, hosted by Dan Miller, coaches listeners on how to build a meaningful career that embraces their dreams and aspirations. Because, no, a paycheck and your passion aren’t mutually exclusive. Listen >>

5 Best Career Podcasts | How to Be Awesome At Your Job How to be Awesome at Your Job
Productivity, networking, decision-making, self-awareness – host Pete Mockaitis covers a lot of career development ground in his podcast, interviewing entrepreneurs, CEOs, and hiring experts about their experience and how you can boost job performance and excel in your career. Listen >>

5 Best Career Podcasts | CareerCloud Radio CareerCloud Radio
CareerCloud, the perfect place to start for job hunting basics, connects with recruiters, hiring managers, and career coaches, covering a range of topics like crafting your resume and nailing the interview. Host Chris Russell recently wrapped up his podcast series, but plentiful archives abound. Listen >>

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