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5 Tips to Brush Off a Bad Morning

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Brush Off Bad MorningEver have one of those mornings where everything seems to go wrong? Maybe you spilled your coffee, received a not-so-pleasant text from your S.O., or got a flat tire on your way to your internship. When your day gets off to a rough start like this, it’s easy carrying that aggravation with you all day. We all know that’s not ideal, that’s why our friends over at Barnes & Noble College’s blog The College Juice thought up a few tips on brushing off a bad morning and moving on.

Stay productive.
There are two solid reasons why productivity is a great way to move on from a bad morning. First of all, keeping busy will distract you from harping on any negative emotions. Second, accomplishing something steers your entire day in a new direction. Maybe you had a rough morning, but after that you crossed three important things off of your to-do list — how can you stay mad after that?

If you can’t think of anything productive to do, we suggest getting in a light workout. Why? Exercising is actually scientifically linked to happier moods!

Unplug for a bit.
Sometimes the best move is taking a little breather. You might be attached at the hip with your phone, but challenge yourself to shut it off for a bit while you escape from the commotion of life. This is the perfect opportunity for a little bit of self care, even if just for 5 minutes.

Try a quick gratitude exercise.
Okay, we get it — a gratitude exercise sounds cheesy. It’s practically right up there with doing ice breakers on the first day of classes. But listen, we wouldn’t be suggesting it if it didn’t work! According to Robert Emmons, a Professor of Psychology at UC Davis, practicing gratitude can lead to higher levels of positive emotions, and overall more optimism and happiness. Grateful people are also more resistant to stress (like that bad morning you’re having!). Try coming up with at least three things you’re grateful for today, or even things about yourself that you just don’t show enough appreciation for. It’s a simple reminder that even when things feel bad, there’s still a whole lot of good you can focus on.

Laugh a little.
Laughing is definitely the quickest and easiest way to lift your spirits. Sometimes, it’s just enough to get you out of that morning funk. You can get your daily dose of laughter however you please, but we suggest scrolling through some fresh memes or watching a few hilarious YouTube videos. (Animal fails are always a good choice!)

Vent and move on.
You can’t always expect yourself to just bottle up any negative emotions and move on. It’s okay to acknowledge the fact that you’re mad or upset! The important thing is that after you do acknowledge these emotions, you put a cap on it and lay it to rest. Your friends are always there to lend an ear when you need a quick venting session — but remember, put a limit on how long you’re venting! And if you’d prefer not to burden anyone with your emotions, why not vent them onto the page of a journal?

Do you have any suggestions for getting past a bad morning? Share with us over on Twitter or Facebook. Then head over to The College Juice for more great advice and tips.