7 Reasons to Buy Used Books
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7 Reasons to Buy Used Books

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The struggle is real. That’s the textbook-buying cry of students everywhere when they scan down the class syllabus at the beginning of each semester. Well, we can’t ace your chem lab or write that WWII history paper for you, but we can help bring down that textbooks bill and save a few dollars with one of the biggest tips from your fellow students: buy used books.

Upwards of $700 is what you can expect to dole out for a semester’s worth course materials. When you’re taking four or five classes and have a course load that requires labs, workbooks, and online access codes, it can add up. Here are the top reasons why students love to buy used books from us.

1. They save you money.
Are we talking your language, oh ye college student? As you already know, used textbooks are cheaper than their new textbook counterparts. What you might not know is that when you buy used books from us, it typically means you’re saving up to 90%.

2. You get free shipping on them.
When you buy used books directly from us, and your total order (yup, including new books, access codes, and digital titles) comes to more than $25, your books ship free. It’s just another way we make it easier for you to get your books. The extra savings doesn’t hurt.

3. We keep millions of them in stock.
We built our business on used textbooks and pride ourselves on keeping millions of top selling textbooks in stock for you. Every day we hustle to get you used books so they’re in stock when you need them, so you can save money, and so you can get back to the good stuff – like studying hard and getting good grades.

4. We hand-inspect every used book we sell.
Yup, every single one of those millions of used books. Every page, every cover, and every binding gets hand-inspected by our warehouse experts before it makes its way to you. Which means, when you buy directly from us, you can expect a used textbook in good condition that is free from stains, water damage, missing or torn pages, a broken spine, and excessive writing. Of course, you’re in college (and we’re all human) so we do allow for some general wear-and-tear, like a bit of handwriting, highlighting, dog-eared pages, and minor scrapes on the cover.

5. You get the same awesome customer service.
Just because you paid less for that used textbook doesn’t mean you won’t get top-notch service from our customer service team. Whether you ordered a $5 copy of The Iliad, an $80 copy of The Fundamentals of Nursing, or are hanging with the best selling textbooks crowd, you can call or email us anytime for help with your order.

6. They’re a bit kinder to Mother Nature.
Used textbooks save you a little green, and they make the world a little greener since a given edition can get up to five or six semesters of usage out of it. It may not seem like much, but these days every bit counts when you’re trying to save the planet. Cue the cape, you hero, you.

7. You can sell them back to us for cash.
We wrote the book on buyback (no seriously, a lot of those other guys copy us) and we love getting you the most cash back on your books. If you cash in with us at the end of the semester, this makes your used textbooks even more affordable. Plus, a lot of people don’t know we buy used books no matter where you bought them. (Of course, if they have buyback value and they’re in good condition.) Bonus tip: Look for Guaranteed Cash Back books and you’ll get 50% back when you sell them back to us at the end of the semester. Yes, guaranteed!

Looking for used textbooks? We’re here to help.


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