College Packing List and Back to School Moving Tips
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College Packing List and Back to School Moving Tips

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College Packing List and Moving Tips on the BlogIt’s August and summer is (shhhh) winding down. Between trips to the lake and last-minute latte meet-ups with friends, we see a lot of boxes and packing tape in your near future. To help you sort what to bring to college, we’ve created a handy college packing List, along with some moving tips and packing hacks to get you through. 

So start decluttering and purging and pack only what you need. (Latte mugs for BFF hang time are totally allowed.)


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It’s a lot, we know. But don’t get overwhelmed – get organized. Break your packing and moving down into bite-sized chunks and follow these moving tips and hacks:

What you’ll need: Boxes, shoeboxes, totes, bubble wrap, newspaper/packing paper, packing tape, labels, scissors, Sharpie
Our top tip: Once you’ve purged games you never took out of the packaging and clothes you never wore last semester, start organizing items from your packing list into boxes based on groupings like desk, bed, bath, kitchen, and the like. Packing likeminded items together – and labeling every box – will make unpacking go more quickly and efficiently. Otherwise picture yourself running to the bathroom to set down your shower caddy, then your bedside lamp, then your kitchen utensils. Exactly.
Our favorite hack: The free boxes you snagged don’t have handles? Make your own.

What you’ll need: Suitcases, totes and duffel bags, garbage bags, laundry basket, hangers
Our top tip: Keep your soft items packed in soft items. Don’t take up precious space in the van with boxes of clothes. With clothes and linens packed in pliable suitcases and garbage bags, you can sandwich them in between furniture and other fragile items to protect them during transit.
Our favorite hack: We learned this in college and still do it today. Keep your clothes on their hangers and use a drawstring garbage bag to contain and protect them. We outline the easy steps in a previous moving tips story.

What you’ll need: Tote bags for personal items, blankets and sheets, small all-in-one tool kit, screws/nails, tape measure, cleaning supplies and paper towels, pen and paper, water & snacks, pain relievers, phone charger, bluetooth speaker
Our top tip: Pack your “go” bag. Set aside some tote bags to keep with you and not packed up in the truck. You’ll want to keep your tools, cleaning supplies, water and snacks, your phone charger, and the like handy so it’s easily accessible once you get into the dorm or your new apartment. And of course, you’ll want to have a speaker to play music on to keep you happy and motivated on this stressful day. (Check out our Spotify playlists for some listening inspo.)
Our favorite hack: Pack a suitcase and an “open first” box with everything you’ll need for the first night, and your clothes for the first week. It will be tough to unpack everything in the first day or two, and then you won’t have to worry about where your underwear is (important).

What you’ll need: Friends and patience
Our top tip: Since you (we hope) followed tip 1 above (keep organized, label everything), unpacking should go off without a hitch. Your dorm is likely to be professionally cleaned before move in; if you’re in an apartment, cleaning is the absolute first must-do thing. Then get furniture and boxes in their respective areas or rooms, and prioritize the unpacking: bed, bath, kitchen essentials, closet, living space. Case in point: you need sheets on your bed before you need family photos on your shelf. (Sorry, dad.)
Our favorite hack: Grab a post-it note before you start drilling holes for curtains, mirrors, and artwork. Tack it under where you’re going to drill and, voila, the post-it note (not your cute new rug) catches the drywall dust.

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