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Love at First Bite: Go Inside a Graphic Design Internship at KIND Bars

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GO INSIDE A GRAPHIC DESIGN INTERNSHIP AT KIND BARS Responsibility. Collaboration. The freedom to be creative. Madeleine San Martin rattles off several “favorite things,” as she effusively talks about her graphic design internship at KIND Snacks.

“KIND was an amazing place to work,” continues the Northeastern University junior. “The company culture was casual and lively. I enjoyed being in a place where everyone loved being at work and really believed in the company’s mission. The CEO would walk through the office everyday and make it a point to say hello to everyone.”

Being a part of “such a forward-thinking, socially aware business” also ranked high, she says. “They are committed to promoting kindness and spreading happiness by encouraging small acts of kindness. There would constantly be representatives standing outside of the office handing out KIND bars to people on the street and brightening people’s days.”

San Martin helped design some of that “bright” collateral. Over the course of her six-month graphic design internship, she was given the opportunity to do more than make edits in Photoshop. The Los Angeles native worked on ads, e-blasts, and retail signage, along with bigger exposure projects like logo development and packaging design.

Read on for more about Madeleine’s internship and her advice for fellow graphic design majors.

Q: How did you come to choose your internship?        
A: I was in love with KIND bars and thought it would be an amazing place to work. After interviewing with several people at the company and doing a lot of research, I felt I would be a good fit for the company. I also wanted to experience working as an in-house graphic designer that had to design to specific brand guidelines.

I found my internship through Northeastern’s co-op program. I chose Northeastern because of it’s co-op program in which students rotate between doing 6 months of class and 6 month's of a paid internship in our field. Northeastern partners with thousands of companies around the world to create a database of internship employment options. Students compete with each other for these positions as if they were full-time job placements.

Q: What was the application process like?         
A: My resume was sent to the marketing department who then chose a group of students to interview for the position. Because I am located in Boston and KIND is located in New York, my first interview was a phone interview with one of their in-house graphic designers. After my preliminary interview, I was invited to participate in another interview with the brand team. Before the final interview, I was asked to create a design for a KIND-branded umbrella based on my knowledge of their brand and design sensibilities. Once passing this round, I had a face-to-face Skype interview. I was then extended an offer over a phone call and given a week to respond with a decision. I promptly accepted the offer!

Q: What was the most challenging thing about your internship?                
A: The most challenging part of my internship was finding a way to balance all of my responsibilities and stay organized. Every day I was fulfilling design requests for Regional Marketing Managers all across the country. There were some instances of days that were busier than others where I would have trouble making sure I was prioritizing properly. However, while this was originally the biggest challenge, my manager worked with me on several organizational techniques that helped me stay on-track and grow as a professional.

Q: What is the most important thing you learned there in terms of future job prospects?
A: From a graphic design perspective, I learned what it is like to work as an in-house graphic designer, which will be very helpful when deciding out of college whether I want to work in an agency or in-house at a company. I was also able to learn a lot of different tips and tricks in Adobe Creative Suite that I have taken back to my classes and freelance work.

Q: What personality traits do you think are most important for a graphic design internship at a brand company like KIND?             
A: It is most important to be a passionate, social, and forward-thinking individual. There is a lot of collaboration around the office and it is important to be able to put in your ideas and opinions. It is important to be passionate about your company's mission so that you can help them grow and just be an overall great representative of the company and brand.

Q: What advice would you give to someone looking at graphic design intern openings?   
A: Be prepared to work hard! While it’s a fun and colorful environment, people are still very serious about their work!

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