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17 Halloween Costumes Inspired by Your College Major

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17 DIY Halloween Costumes Inspired by Your College MajorTourist. Mummy. Doctor. Ghost. Leave the boring costume ideas to the other kids. You? You’re going to get clever. And pay creative homage to your major. We’ve searched high, low, and everywhere between for the best Halloween costumes and DIY ideas. Ones you can get together in the next few days, and on a student budget.

1. Pre-Med & Nursing :: Operation Game

2. Computer Sciences/Software Developers :: 404 Error: Costume Not Found

3. Art :: Pablo Picasso Painting

4. Elementary School Education :: Olivia

5. Business, Finance & Accounting :: Monopoly Man

6. Animal Sciences :: Jellyfish

7. Meteorology :: Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Rain

8. Psychology :: Freudian Slip

9. Women’s Studies :: Rosie the Riveter

10. Botany & Plant Sciences :: Cactus

11. Astronomy :: Shooting Star

12. Literature :: Edgar Allan Poe

13. History :: Lincoln on the Penny

14. Culinary Arts :: Salt & Pepper

15. Mathematics :: Calculator

16. English :: Grammar Police

17. Undeclared :: Highlighter

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This post originally ran on 10/14/14