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5 Motivation Apps to Keep Your Goals on Track

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5 Motivation Apps to Keep Your Goals on Track Read now on the BlogAhh, summer. So much extra time, so many projects to start, so many goals to reach, so much good weather and procrastination getting in the way. Well, say goodbye to sidetracking delays and hello to these 5 motivation apps, rounded up by our friends at Barnes & Noble College’s blog, The College Juice.

Whether you’re looking to form better study habits, get fit, start that grad school application, or do extra reading this summer, these goal-setting apps will help you track your progress, boost your spirits, and cross that finish line. 5 Motivation Apps on the Textbookscom Blog 1.
Sometimes you need your own personal cheerleader. No matter what habit you want to form, this motivation app will help you set goals and stay on track by sending you reminders and celebrating each victory. The app also features a helpful community aspect, where you can interact with others trying to reach the same goal. If you’re willing to spend a few bucks, you can even hire a coach through the app.

Wonderful Day 5 Motivation Apps on the Textbookscom Blog 2. Wonderful Day
Why not turn your motivation into a little game? Form positive habits by setting your goals in the app, and simply checking them with a green dot each day you complete them. If you miss a day, you’ll get a menacing red dot instead of a happy green one. Can you keep the streak of green going?

stickK 5 Motivation Apps on the Textbookscom Blog 3. stickK
Are you ready to commit to your goal? Like really commit to it? This is one of those motivation apps that essentially acts as a contractual agreement with yourself, and breaking that contract will cost you. That’s right – when you set your goal, you also select an amount of money you want to put on the line. You’re now accountable for turning that goal into a reality, or else your money will be given away.

DailyQuote 5 Motivation Apps on the Textbookscom Blog 4. DailyQuote
You can’t knock those small bursts of inspiration that come along with a good quote. Some of the best motivational quotes are rounded up in this app and sent to you daily. You can even share your favorites with any friends that may need a little pick-me-up.

Balanced App 5 Motivation Apps on the Textbookscom Blog5. Balanced
Do you ever get so caught up in your responsibilities that you start neglecting your personal needs? You can’t forget about the little things that matter to you – like seeing friends, meditating, or hitting the gym. Take control by inputting these activities into Balanced. This is one of those motivation apps that will provide positive feedback, keep track of your streaks, and monitor your progress. Woohoo – go you!

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