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8 Packing and Moving Tips for Back to School

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Moving Tips Moving Day College PackingSummer’s final days are closing in and that means one thing: back to campus. Old friends and new classes are just around the corner. Your only two hurdles? Packing and move-in day. Here are some moving tips and tricks to save you money, time, and (oh, yes) frustration.

1. Think Inside the Box
At up to $3 a piece, moving boxes can add up. The solution? Get them for free. Your local supermarket, liquor store, or mom’s office would be happy for you to take empty boxes off their hands. And be sure to get a variety of sizes. An extra large box of heavy books? No, no, and no!

2. Toss, Store, Packing & Moving Checklist
Packing less means moving less. Declutter and donate in the coming weeks, start to organize, and pack as you go. Want to make sure you have everything need before moving day? Download our Back to Campus Packing & Moving Checklist to be sure you stay organized.

3. Label. Every. Box.
Grab a sheet of white address labels and a Sharpie and go to labeling town. Keep it simple with DESK, CLOTHES, and BEDDING -- or get specific, like laundry list worthy of an OCD packrat specific. Either way, you will appreciate knowing what is where as you deliriously unpack after a long day.

4. Attention, Fashionistas
Suitcases, duffels, totes, and trash bags will be your BFFs on moving day. Sure, boxes get the job done – they also take up more space. Pliable trash bags can fit in the nooks and help protect fragile items.

5. Logistically Speaking
Is your dorm move-in day on a staggered schedule? Can trucks unload only in certain spots? Do you need a permit to park a large moving truck on the street? Does your new apartment building have specific move-in times? A couple of minutes on the internet could save you hours of headaches.

6. Tool Around
Don’t already have a small tool kit? Get one. For move in day, it’ll be a must. Did you dismantle any furniture for the move? Keep all hardware together in a small zippered baggie with your tools. And be sure to keep it all unpacked and in the car for easy access.

7. Eat, Drink, and Try to Be Merry
Stock up on easy, quick, fortifying snacks like bananas, apples, granola bars, and nuts, and be sure to drink plenty of water. Moving’s never easy but your iPod, a pair of portable speakers, and some rocking playlists will make it a little more fun.

Photo by m01229/Flickr EXTRA CREDIT!
Protect your nicer clothes during the move and go from closet to closet in 1-2-3-4: Bag, lug, hang, unbag!
What You Need: Tall drawstring kitchen bags, scissors
- Keep clothes on hangers and group together in lots of 10-15
- Cut a six-inch hole in the bottom center of the bag and slide tops of hangers through
- Pull the bag down around the clothes
- Tie the drawstring at the base so clothes don’t fall out

Main photo credit: Flickr/Jocelyn Durston
Second photo credit: Flickr/m01229