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Focus In and Chill Out Study Music Playlist

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Study Playlist Hear Hear Listen Now on the Textbookscom BLOG Several final exams, a couple of papers – it all boils down to countless hours of studying and writing over the next couple of weeks. If you like to listen to music when you study, but get too distracted by singing and lyrics, well, look (and listen) no further. Our Focus In & Chill Out Study Music Playlist is chock-full of instrumental songs, perfect for sinking into the books.

Behold 7+ hours of all-nighter-ready tracks from indie rock and college radio favorites like Sufjan Stevens, Rodrigo y Gabriela, and Mogwai.

More about the bands...

Explosions in the Sky
Hailing from Austin, Texas, Explosions in the Sky sound pretty much as their name would let on - gorgeous guitars waxing and waning between focused calm and infectious whirr.

Rodrigo y Gabriela
Flamenco, jazz, and hint of heavy metal inform this acoustic duo’s sound. You may even come around on “Stairway to Heaven” after being transported by their spirited, Latin-flavored version.

Sufjan Stevens
For fans of the Shins and Elliot Smith, this Michigan-born musician largely sings on his records, but here we’ve rounded up some of his pitter-pattery instrumental tracks.

This Scottish fivesome offers up lush soundscapes with pulsating rhythms, quiet-loud dynamics, and a small dose of distorted guitars for a little “wake up” factor.

Sigur Ros
File this starry-eyed Icelandic group under sprawling, ambient, and grand. Don’t forget “perfect for all-night cram session” too.

Kaki King
King got her start at campus open-mic nights and busking in New York City. Her percussive finger-picking style is at once lilting and sprightly.

This NYC-based duo adds a few synth-rock and electronica flourishes to your study music playlist.

Brimming with both beauty and braun, this Boston band sounds like they are transmitting from the backside of the moon.

Studying Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo? Dial up the shimmering atmospherics, near-classical arrangements, and anthemic charge of this entirely instrumental group from Tokyo.

Dirty Three
The violin-laden sound of this Australian trio brings a folk-inspired tip to this Spotify playlist. And a bit of humor: see the track name, “I Really Should’ve Gone Out Last Night.”

Red Sparrowes
Song titles of instrumental rock bands tend to be super succinct or hilariously obtuse. And this LA post-metal delivers a guffaw with “The Great Leap Forward Poured Down Upon Us One Day Like a Mighty Storm, Suddenly and Furiously Blinding Our Senses.” Take that, Keats!

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This post originally ran 12/3/14