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Summer Bucket List: 99 Things to Do This Summer

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Summer Bucket List of Fun Summer Activities from Textbooks.comAhh, summer – is there any better season for getting things done, taking on a new hobby, reconnecting with old friends, and, best of all, relaxing? We’re sure the days of “Mom! I’m bored!” are long behind you (you have Netflix and Snapchat, after all) but if you’re ever at a loss for ideas for fun summer activities – behold! – the ultimate summer bucket list.

Share this bucket list with a friend and start plotting your plans so you can make this the #bestsummerever.

Summer Bucket List on Blog / 99 Summer Activities to Put on Your List

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The Ultimate Summer Bucket List
99 Things to Do Before Summer Ends

  1. Ride a roller coaster
  2. Play kickball
  3. Reread your favorite book
  4. Fly a kite
  5. Eat ice cream
  6. Go paddleboarding
  7. Make a bonfire
  8. Go camping
  9. Play board games
  10. Go to an art museum
  11. Build a sandcastle
  12. Stamp your passport
  13. Host a BBQ
  14. Go to a drive-in movie
  15. Call your favorite relative
  16. Volunteer
  17. Pack a picnic
  18. Pick strawberries
  19. Collect seashells
  20. View the total solar eclipse
  21. Go to a baseball game
  22. Have a craft night
  23. Get in touch with a high school teacher
  24. Make s’mores
  25. Go dancing
  26. Hit the beach
  27. Clean out your closet
  28. Donate old clothes to charity
  29. Bury a time capsule
  30. Do a cannonball
  31. Make a cairn
  32. Watch the sunrise
  33. Watch the sunset
  34. Send postcards
  35. Binge a new TV show
  36. Go snorkeling
  37. Host a scavenger hunt
  38. Go on a road trip
  39. Make your BFF a mix
  40. Go whalewatching
  41. Do yoga
  42. Try a new recipe
  43. Go hiking
  44. Make a lemonade stand
  45. Do a one-day tech detox
  46. Go to the waterpark
  47. Get a massage
  48. Have family movie night
  49. Go sailing
  50. Go yardsaling
  51. Ride a Ferris wheel
  52. Make blueberry pie
  53. Go ziplining
  54. Have a water balloon fight
  55. Go to the zoo
  56. Learn a new skill
  57. Color
  58. Hit the outlets
  59. Go fishing
  60. Play cards
  61. Go white water rafting
  62. Climb a tree
  63. Swim in the ocean
  64. Take a bike ride
  65. Take a nap
  66. Go thrifting
  67. See your favorite band
  68. Watch for shooting stars
  69. Go horseback riding
  70. Send a message in a bottle
  71. Make popsicles
  72. Treat yourself to a spa day
  73. Explore a new city
  74. Get your textbooks
  75. Sell your old books for cash
  76. Take a cooking class
  77. Go birdwatching
  78. Rent scooters
  79. Host a brunch
  80. Tent in the backyard
  81. Find a new mantra
  82. Go bowling
  83. Do a cartwheel
  84. Buy a new outfit
  85. Sit around the firepit
  86. Go golfing
  87. Go mini golfing
  88. Make ice cream floats
  89. See an outdoor concert
  90. Pick wildflowers
  91. Paint!
  92. Pay it forward
  93. Run a 5K
  94. Rent a cabin in the woods
  95. Tourist in your own town
  96. All day movie marathon
  97. Play in the rain
  98. Wait for the rainbow
  99. Make a memory jar of all the awesome things you did this summer!

What is on your summer bucket list? Which of these summer activities do you plan on crossing off your bucket list? Jump on over to Facebook and let us know – but not on your tech detox day :)