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9 Amazing Tech Deals for Back to School

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9 Amazing Tech Deals and Student Discounts for Back to SchoolDid you just reboot your laptop for the third time today? Leave your phone charger at home again? Want to stop relying on Google Docs low-fi version of Word? We feel your pain. And it’s exactly why we’re partnering with ThinkEDU on tech deals and student discounts for back to school.

We curated some of our favorite tech deals from the site to help ease you into the semester. (Because, yes, it’s just around the corner.) So scoop up these tech discounts while you can, then get back to the pool.

HP-Stream-Laptop-Tech-Deals-Student-Discounts-ThinkEDU-Textbookscom-Blog HP Stream 14” Laptop $299.95
Is your current laptop running on fumes and prayers? Time to upgrade. Fast and lightweight, the HP Stream is a great option for studying on the go and taking notes in classes (it also comes in purple). Plus, it comes with Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 installed. Gamers and film students who need a little more RAM oomph can browse ThinkEDU’s other laptop and computer deals.

Portable-Chargers-Tech-Deals-Student-Discounts-ThinkEDU-Textbookscom-Blog Portable Chargers from $9.95
How many times last semester did your phone die on you in the middle of the day? Or, errr, last week? Yeah, we thought so. With a range of sizes and power bank options, a lightweight portable charger can charge everything from a laptop to your phone to a tablet. Can you say lifeline?

Lightning-Cable-Tech-Deals-Student-Discounts-ThinkEDU-Textbookscom-Blog Lightning Cables $6.99
One three-foot cable by your bed just isn’t going to cut it. At this price you can stock up and have one at home, one in your backpack, and one in the car. We love that these are 6-feet long, too – no more being tethered to the library wall. Huzzah!

Adobe-Creative-Cloud-Microsoft-Office-Tech-Deals-Student-Discounts-ThinkEDU-Textbookscom-Blog Abobe Creative Cloud & Microsoft Office 2016 Bundle $229.95
Design and web developer students, rejoice! Because you are about to sing hallelujah to the tune of more than 70% off. With verified student or educator credentials, you’ll get a one-year subscription to all the Adobe creative apps for photography, design, video, and web, plus Office, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Normally $998.99. So, like we said, hallelujah.

Microsoft-Office-Tech-Deals-Student-Discounts-ThinkEDU-Textbookscom-Blog Microsoft Office 2016 $39.95
You might be able to scrape by on Google docs and spreadsheets, but $40 is money well invested on the full versions of Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. Need Adobe Acrobat Pro? You can upgrade to the Office/Acrobat Pro combo, only $149.95 with the college student discount.

Parallels-Mac-Windows-Tech-Deals-Student-Discounts-ThinkEDU-Textbookscom-Blog Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac $39.99
In the Mac versus Windows debate, Parallels 12 says, “Can’t we all just get along?” And if you need to run Windows programs on your Mac, then you’ll need this whiz-bang compatibility software. Tops in performance speed, it comes with 20 common one-click Toolbox utilities for the ambi-platform among us.

Graphing-Calculator-Tech-Deals-Student-Discounts-ThinkEDU-Textbookscom-Blog Graphing Calculators from $54.95
STEM students with graphing or scientific calculators listed on the must-have items of this year’s syllabus are in luck because ThinkEDU has student discounts on top brands like Texas Instruments and Casio. Bonus read: Check out our article about graphing calculators.

Phone-Protectors-Tablet-Sleeves-Laptop-Cases-Tech-Deals-Student-Discounts-ThinkEDU-Textbookscom-Blog-2 Phone Cases, Screen Protectors, Laptop Sleeves & Tablet Cases from $3.99
Once you drop $200-$2,000 on a phone or laptop, doesn’t it make sense to invest a few extra bucks on a protective case? With phone screen protectors, tablet cases, and laptop sleeves from top brands like Belkin, Trident, Speck, Kate Spade, and Griffin, ThinkEDU has you (and all your spendy devices) covered.

Apple iPads from $179.95
Mom and dad may have balked at the iPad on your back to school shopping list, but how can they say no to these refurbished steals? Don’t worry – we won’t tell them you’re mostly using them for YouTube and Netflix. More of a Samsung Tab, Acer, or Lenovo type? There are ton of great student discounts on all sorts of tablets.

Need more tech gear and software for back to school? ThinkEDU has you covered.

* Prices and availability confirmed as of publish date and are subject to change. While some ThinkEDU products are available to the general public, most ThinkEDU student discounts and product offers are only for students enrolled in a degree-granting program at an accredited college or K-12 school, and faculty, teachers, and staff. Offer eligibility is noted on each tech deals product page. The trademarks, logos and names of other companies, products and services are the property of their respective owners.