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Your High School Teachers Want to Hear from You

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Your High School Teachers Want to Hear from You Visiting my old high school teachers after graduating always gave me a feeling of happy nostalgia, and keeping in touch with some of them proved to be very beneficial. During my college years, I would walk through those hallowed halls every Thanksgiving break, loving the happy, surprised looks that I'd see on my favorite teachers' faces.

Although my visits to the high school eventually subsided over the years, I still write to a couple of them every now and then or send a quick message to my favorite teacher via Facebook. If you formed close bonds with any of your teachers during high school, you should stay in touch.

Your high school teachers are great resources.
Teachers often serve as mentors. French was my favorite subject, and I was lucky to have an amazing teacher who gave me the incentive to continue studying it in college. After I graduated from college, my French teacher gave me advice about going abroad to teach English through an assistantship program. She even served as a recommendation for my first real job a year after that, which I got! Your teachers can be fantastic job references, especially if you haven't yet built a list of professional contacts.

Don't feel awkward asking for their contact information.
Maybe you feel as if it's juvenile or silly to want to stay in touch with one or two of your teachers. Odds are that if you became close with one of your teachers, the feeling is mutual. The teachers I went back to chat with were always curious to know how I was doing, what I chose as my major, and what I thought about job possibilities. Since they cared about me as a student, they enjoyed seeing my progress. Letting them know how you're doing also demonstrates how much you appreciate them.

It's easy to keep in touch.
If you don't feel comfortable going back to say hello in person, email is one of the quickest and easiest ways to stay in touch. Facebook is also extremely useful, and it's the best way for me to drop my old French teacher a line (it also helps me remember her birthday!). Not everyone will feel comfortable being friends with old teachers on Facebook, but you can always update your privacy settings so they don't see all of your wall posts and photos. Or, alternatively, you can just stick to email.

Keeping in touch with your high school teachers after graduating can lead to a lot of opportunities. Ask them for advice about jobs, internships, or even if you're questioning your major. Sending your favorite teacher a quick email to say hello takes minimal effort, and they'll be happy to hear from you.