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Marriage & Family

cover of Families Under Fire (11th edition)
Families Under Fire
by Everson

ISBN13: 978-1136925672
11th Edition
cover of Family in Transition (17th edition)
Family in Transition
by Skolnick
17th Edition
cover of Handbook of Work-Family Integration (8th edition)
Handbook of Work-Family Integration
by Korabik

ISBN13: 978-0080560014
8th Edition
cover of Home and School Relations (4th edition)
Home and School Relations
by Olsen

ISBN13: 978-0133466737
4th Edition
cover of Human Intimacy (11th edition)
Human Intimacy
by Cox

ISBN13: 978-1285633046
11th Edition
cover of Human Intimacy, Updated (10th edition)
Human Intimacy, Updated
by Cox

ISBN13: 978-1111804435
10th Edition
cover of M+F -2010-2011 STUDENT EDITION (11th edition)
by Knox

ISBN13: 978-1285632100
11th Edition
cover of Marriage and Family Experience (12th edition)
Marriage and Family Experience
by Strong

ISBN13: 978-1285531892
12th Edition