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Gender Studies

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cover of Advanced Health Assessment of Women (10th edition)

by Carcio

ISBN13: 978-0826124272

ISBN10: 0826124275

Edition: 10th
cover of All About Girl : Culture, Power, and Identity (4th edition)

by Anita Harris

Edition: 4th
cover of American Cultural Pluralism and Law (3rd edition)

by Norgren

ISBN13: 978-0313383380

ISBN10: 0313383383

Edition: 3rd
cover of BIOLOGY OF WOMEN (5th edition)

by Hornstein

ISBN13: 978-1285401027

ISBN10: 1285401026

Edition: 5th
cover of Color of Justice (5th edition)

by walker

ISBN13: 978-1133715535

ISBN10: 1133715532

Edition: 5th
cover of Counseling Crime Victims: Practical Strategies for Mental Health Professionals (8th edition)

by Laurence Miller

ISBN13: 978-0826116529

ISBN10: 0826116523

Edition: 8th
cover of Couples, Gender and Power (9th edition)

by Knudson

ISBN13: 978-0826117564

ISBN10: 0826117562

Edition: 9th
cover of Discovery Series : Introduction Human Sex and .. (13th edition)

by Carroll

ISBN13: 978-1133709213

ISBN10: 1133709214

Edition: 13th
cover of Emma (edition)

by Austen

ISBN13: 978-0486114989

ISBN10: 0486114988

cover of Emma (12th edition)

by Austen

Edition: 12th
cover of Emma (late edition)

by Austen

Edition: late
cover of Fun Home : Family Tragicomic (6th edition)

by Bechdel

ISBN13: 978-0547347004

ISBN10: 0547347006

Edition: 6th
cover of Gender Trouble-10th Anniv.Edition (rev edition)

by Judith Butler

ISBN13: 978-0203902752

ISBN10: 0203902750

Edition: rev
cover of Human Sexuality Today (8th edition)

by King

Edition: 8th
cover of Human Sexuality: The Basics (12th edition)

by Golanty

Edition: 12th
cover of Investigating Child Exploitation... (5th edition)

by Ferraro

ISBN13: 978-0080478760

ISBN10: 008047876X

Edition: 5th
cover of Language and Gender (3rd edition)

by Eckert

ISBN13: 978-0511074547

ISBN10: 0511074549

Edition: 3rd
cover of Men and Depression (edition)

by Sam V. Cochran

ISBN13: 978-0080511412

ISBN10: 0080511414

cover of Menopause : Biology and Pathobiology (edition)

by Lobo

ISBN13: 978-0080536200

ISBN10: 0080536204

cover of Microaggressions in Everyday Life (10th edition)

by Sue

Edition: 10th