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Social Psychology

cover of Human Aggression (98 edition)
Human Aggression
by Geen

ISBN13: 978-0080534183
98 Edition
cover of Human Side of Disaster (2nd edition)
Human Side of Disaster
by Drabek

ISBN13: 978-1466506879
2nd Edition
cover of Political Psychology (2nd edition)
Political Psychology
by David Patrick Houghton

ISBN13: 978-1135051778
2nd Edition
cover of Prejudice (98 edition)
by Swim

ISBN13: 978-0080539447
98 Edition
cover of Psychology of Eating (14th edition)
Psychology of Eating
by Rowland
14th Edition
cover of SOC (2nd edition)
by Benokraitis

ISBN13: 978-1111909338
2nd Edition
cover of Social Cognition and Aging (99 edition)
Social Cognition and Aging
by Thomas M. Hess

ISBN13: 978-0080541303
99 Edition