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Stats & Probability for Science & Medicine

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cover of Essentials of Biostatistics for Public Health (2nd edition)

by Sullivan

Edition: 2nd
cover of Essentials of Probability and Statistics for Engineering and Science (13th edition)

by Walpole

Edition: 13th
cover of Essentials of Statistics in Health Information Technology (8th edition)

by Osborn

Edition: 8th
cover of Fundamentals of Biostatistics (7th edition)

by Bernard Rosner

ISBN13: 978-1133008170

ISBN10: 1133008178

Edition: 7th
cover of Intro. to Quantitative Eeg and Neuro... (2nd edition)

by Evans

ISBN13: 978-0080923154

ISBN10: 0080923151

Edition: 2nd
cover of Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists (4th edition)

by Sheldon M. Ross

ISBN13: 978-0080919379

ISBN10: 0080919375

Edition: 4th
cover of Introduction to Quantitative EEG and Neurofeedback (edition)

by James R. Evans

ISBN13: 978-0080509112

ISBN10: 0080509118

cover of MATH.F/HEALTH SCI.:COMP.APPR. (10th edition)

by Helms

ISBN13: 978-1111782450

ISBN10: 1111782458

Edition: 10th
cover of Practical Problems in Math for Health Science Careers (3rd edition)

by Simmers

ISBN13: 978-1285401645

ISBN10: 1285401646

Edition: 3rd
cover of Practical Statistics for Field Biology (2nd edition)

by Fowler

Edition: 2nd
cover of Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists (4th edition)

by Hayter

ISBN13: 978-1133712763

ISBN10: 1133712762

Edition: 4th
cover of Stat. and Data Interpretation for ... (12th edition)

by Rosenthal

ISBN13: 978-0826107213

ISBN10: 0826107214

Edition: 12th
cover of Statistical Methods in the Atmospheric Sciences: An Introduction (edition)

by Daniel S. Wilks

ISBN13: 978-0080541723

ISBN10: 0080541720

cover of Statistical Orbit Determination (2nd edition)

by Byron Tapley

ISBN13: 978-0080541730

ISBN10: 0080541739

Edition: 2nd
cover of Statistics for Health Care Prof. (2nd edition)

by Veney

Edition: 2nd
cover of Statistics for Nursing (11th edition)

by Heavey

Edition: 11th
cover of Statistics in Medicine (2nd edition)

by Robert H. Riffenbur...

ISBN13: 978-0080541747

ISBN10: 0080541747

Edition: 2nd
cover of Study Guide To Epidemiology And Biostatistics (7th edition)

by Hebel

Edition: 7th
cover of Thermodynamics, Stat.Thermodynamic (3rd edition)

by Engel

ISBN13: 978-0321941022

ISBN10: 0321941020

Edition: 3rd