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Forensic Science & Criminalistics

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cover of Advances in Fingerprint Technology (2nd edition)

by Henry C. Lee

ISBN13: 978-1420041347

ISBN10: 1420041347

Edition: 2nd
cover of Automotive Fingerprint Id System (5th edition)

by Komarinski

ISBN13: 978-0080475981

ISBN10: 0080475981

Edition: 5th
cover of Basics of Digital Forensics (12th edition)

by Sammons

ISBN13: 978-1597496629

ISBN10: 1597496626

Edition: 12th
cover of Best Damn Cybercrime and Digit. Foren... (7th edition)

by Reyes

ISBN13: 978-0080556086

ISBN10: 0080556086

Edition: 7th
cover of Bloodstain Pattern Evidence (7th edition)

by Wonder

ISBN13: 978-0080549712

ISBN10: 0080549713

Edition: 7th
cover of Crime Laboratory Management (3rd edition)

by Saint Clair

ISBN13: 978-0080490847

ISBN10: 0080490840

Edition: 3rd
cover of Crime Reconstruction (2nd edition)

by Jerry W, Chisum

ISBN13: 978-0123864611

ISBN10: 0123864615

Edition: 2nd
cover of Crime Scene Investigation (3rd edition)

by Fish

Edition: 3rd
cover of Crime Scene Investigation Procedural Guide (14th edition)

by Maloney

Edition: 14th
cover of Crime Scene Photography (7th edition)

by Robinson

ISBN13: 978-0080476926

ISBN10: 0080476929

Edition: 7th
cover of Crime Scene Photography (2nd edition)

by Edward M. Robinson

ISBN13: 978-0123757296

ISBN10: 0123757290

Edition: 2nd
cover of Criminalistics: Forensic Science and Crime (2nd edition)

by James E. Girard

Edition: 2nd
cover of Csi Project Delivery Practice Guide (11th edition)

by Construction

Edition: 11th
cover of Cyberlaw (13th edition)

by Craig

Edition: 13th
cover of Digital Forensics Explained (13th edition)

by Gogolin

Edition: 13th
cover of Fingerprints and Other Ridge Skin Impre (4th edition)

by Christophe Champod

ISBN13: 978-0203485040

ISBN10: 0203485041

Edition: 4th
cover of Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination (11th edition)

by Kranacher

Edition: 11th
cover of Forensic Art Essentials (7th edition)

by Lois Gibson

ISBN13: 978-0080559292

ISBN10: 0080559298

Edition: 7th
cover of Forensic Evidence (2nd edition)

by Kiely

Edition: 2nd
cover of Forensic Investigation of Stolen... (7th edition)

by Stauffer

ISBN13: 978-0080477886

ISBN10: 0080477887

Edition: 7th